When I met my other half, I thought the days of awkward dates were over. Never again would I have to make small talk or find excuses to leave dinners early. Then I had a baby & suddenly I was thrown back into the world of dating again. But not the Tinder, Plenty of Fish, speed dating type. I’m talking about making mum friends. Because if you’ve done it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Here’s why meeting mum mates is the same as dating.

You get picked up in the supermarket/street

Ok, it takes a pretty bold guy to do the supermarket/street pick up & unless they’re Tom Hardy look alikes, we’d find it a bit creepy. But, when it comes to mums, it seems these places are a, er, meatmarket. The best pickup line so far? ‘She’s adorable!’ yes I’m a sucker for people cooing over my diva. The worst? ‘Is she yours?’ Not cool, not cool.

The coffee shop becomes the new bar

When you swap tequila for shots of coffee, chances are you’re a mum. And you’ve probably popped in to grab one because your mini-me has decided they need a feed. I’m not a huge fan of chit chat with randoms, but when you’re sat opposite another mum with a bubba, then it’s natural to strike up a convo. I must have made an impression on one because she left giving me her number, but I’ll be honest, there have been times that I’ve had to fake a doctor’s appointment so we could make a swift exit.

You get back in touch with your exes

Woah, woah, don’t start judging just yet! I’m not on about boyfriends. I’m talking close school/work mates that you lost contact with. Good ol’ Facebook has been awesome for helping me get back in touch with a school mate who had a bubba around the same time as I did. She doesn’t care when I turn up with sick down my jumper & because we’re both living parenthood we understand that sometimes you need a good old moan - she’s most definitely my partner in crime. #soppymoment.

You speed date - at baby groups

You dress your mini me & yourself in nice clothes (hint, our KIDLY Label range will have everyone asking where you got babe’s clothes from) & head on down to your first baby group. Your heart is pounding. Will anyone like me? Will the nice mums already be ‘taken’? Then you walk in & catch someone’s eye across the room. Yes you’ll end up making small talk with loads of other mums, but you know the first person you spotted is going to be a mum mate for life.

...Let’s not forget good old online dating

When I was pregnant with the now 5 year old, I was first in my circle of mates. As you can imagine, asking them if stuff I was feeling was normal, was as useful as a phone with no battery. So, I turned to the good old internet & joined mum forums. After chatting, one thing led to another & I ended up meeting up with a few. Let’s just say, like online dating, sometimes the real thing isn’t what you quite imagined. After that I learnt my lesson, but if you’re inclined to do the whole online thing, there are now some apps that aim to pair you with like minded mums in your area. Mush & Peanut are two great ones. Think the Tinder and Match.com of mum mate world - they even have a matcher to help find people similar to you.

The ‘will they call/text/Whatsapp me’ scenario

You’ve met a mum who you think you got along with. There was no awkward silences, the kids didn’t play up & you share the same likes so you give her your number & wait for her to call to arrange the next playdate. And wait, and wait, and wait, because let’s face it, just like dating, there are times when you misread the signs… oh well, back to Mush & Peanut we go…

(Credit to letsmush.com for the header image.)