So, your little sleep thief has reached the point where they are looking too big for their moses basket *sob. It’s time to bite the bullet & get them into their cot.

Of course, if they aren’t yet 6 months you still get the lil bonus of having them as your roomie for a bit longer, but getting them to stay in their cot ain’t always easy - I’ve recently been through it with my 6 month old diva & have the eyebags to prove it.

So, I’m passing on the tips that helped me, in the hope they’ll help you too.

Here goes…

Take it slow

How easy would this parenting lark be if our little monkeys just accepted changes? We wouldn’t need the gin that’s for sure :) Introduce the cot gradually. Stick it near their moses basket for a couple of weeks before making the full transition so they get used to seeing it. Or, place the moses basket inside the cot for daytime naps. Babe still not sure? Stick them in for 20 minutes a day & let them play. Just don’t make this a huge habit or they could associate it with playtime. ??

Cosy does it

A cot can seem huge to a bubba who’s been snoozing in a moses basket & we all know how that can go down. The answer? Make the cot just as snug with clever pieces of kit that cocoon your little sleep thief, making them feel like they’re back in their basket. Our baby nest saved our sanity, making babe feel all snuggly.

Oh, you look familiar

Babies, they’re definitely creatures of habit. So play their game. If you have the space, stick the cot in the same place as the basket was, so the temperature, smell, sound & view is the same. You may be tempted to buy new bedding, but until they’re a pro in their cot, just keep the same blankets & comforters as before.

The art of distraction

Had your eye on a cot mobile? Now’s the time to bag it. Or, invest in an awesome projector that shines patterns onto the wall. These are all great distractions & ways to soothe them when they're feeling a lil' bit unsure. Sneaky, yes, but who cares when it makes parenthood easier. They’ll get us back one day.

Wrap them up

If your sleep thief loves being cuddled & spent their first few months between the moses basket & your bed (been there, worn the t-shirt), then you may need a helping hand when it comes to the cot transition. Sleeping bags were our life saver for making the little madam feel enclosed & cuddled, while swaddles also worked a treat too. You may need a few attempts, but once you’ve nailed this part, you’ve won half the battle. The rest, as they, say, is a piece of cake. Probably ??.

So you like the tips huh? Our fave pieces to help you along the way are below. This week, we’ll be more than happy with a pack of Haribo… you know, in case you want to say thanks.