Packing Checklist For Days Out With Kids

Packing Checklist For Days Out With Kids

Don't you hate being caught short when you're out? Without a drink and nowhere to buy a drop that's not a rip-off or a mile-long queue? Or without somewhere to stash the toy they had to bring, but immediately got bored of carrying. Or the jumper that's making them hot and cranky. So - what do you really need to pack to keep the show on the road when exploring with kids for the day? Here's the checklist:

1. A reusable bottle

A refillable bottle is the first 'must-have' and we stock a whole range of options, in glass and silicone, BPA-free plastics and stainless steel. The squishy silicone Warren Bottle by Liewood is a great choice when it might get thrown around a bit - and it's lovely and lightweight - plus it can be attached to bags and buggies easily by the handy carry handle. We also really rate Done By Deer's non-spill Straw Bottle too because the clever hide-away straw is really easy for them to get to grips with, plus the carry handle is made of an elehant's trunk - which they'll love - and it comes with an extra straw and mouthpiece. We'll say cheers to that.



2. Their own backpack

A backpack built for them gives kids a sense of responsibility for their own stuff, and we love brands that turn leftover rubbish into something cool and useful. The Liewood Allan Backpack is an ideal day-tripper bag, roomy enough for all of the kit they need to carry and each one is made from 10 plastic bottles.


3. A lunchbox

Balanced meals matter, even when you're out and about, and a lunchbox that has lots of different compartments makes getting the right mix of munchables down them easier. For babies and toddlers, smaller snack boxes are lifesavers for keeping hangriness at bay. We also really rate snack cups with easy 'dip lids', that let them serve themselves without creating mess or dropping everything on the floor.


4. Ear defenders

Not essential for everyone, but very handy if you're heading somewhere noisy and want extra reassurance, or have a neuro-divergent child with sensory issues. The Ear Defenders from Banz are designed for babies from newborn through to 24 months, providing sound protection with padded muffs that are comfortable to wear.


5. Training pants

Potty training and days out. Deep breaths. You can't stay in forever just because you're 'at that stage'. And 'that stage' of needing the loo IMMEDIATELY can last for several months. (Or more!) We love potty training pants for taking the hysteria out of finding a loo RIGHT THIS MINUTE! 


6. A good book

Days out can involve delays with travel, or queues for attractions or time spent waiting to be served in a restaurant. In any of these cases, your best line of defence from whining is something fun for them to read, fiddle with or colour in. We've got a great range of books for all ages: soft baby books, activity books, story books and topic books. Have a look and stock up: you next day out will be all the better for it. We guarantee it. 


So there you have it. A handy checklist for days out and about. And remember, if you need advice on anything, our Live Chat team is waiting to help, 9am - 5pm every weekday. Just hit that purple button, bottom right.