How To Have A Perfect Baby Shower

How To Have A Perfect Baby Shower

A new baby. It’s a time for celebration. And with the lead up to the storks visit, there’s loads of opportunities to party. From gender reveals to baby showers, it’s a good job there’s 9 months for all the planning & partying that takes place! 😉

When my first son Eli was born, I had two baby showers. I know that may seem rather excessive, but I was no mumzilla making outlandish requests. It was my friends & family that planned away quietly, keen to shower bump (and I) with loads of love, advice and some super cute presents too...

I’m expecting my second son in September & friends and family are asking whether they can plan another event. However, while I love a party (who doesn’t?!) I can’t help but feel another baby shower is just too greedy. I mean, I have everything I need already. But, coming over from the US is a new trend for baby sprinkles – a smaller do for mums with babes already in tow.

While I’m undecided yet whether I’ll do this myself, here are some top tips for you, and your guests on planning a party for an impending arrival.

1. Be the hostess with the mostest

You don’t have to go over the top with decorations, but a few thoughtful touches certainly help to transform a space. Inflate a couple of confetti balloons, fill harlequin bags with favours & then add a personal touch with photos of the parents to be as babies. It may make them cringe but it’ll be super cute too.

2. Be the mate who gives the best gifts

Create a thoughtful hamper for the mum to be – it doesn’t have to break the bank & it’s sure to be well received. Styled in a lovely box or crate, fill the hamper with simple yet thoughtful gifts for the new baby such as a snuggly sleepsuit & a sensory soft book as well as must-haves for the new mum; I’m talking dry shampoo, arnica tablets, a MASSIVE bar of chocolate and maybe even a bottle of bubbles!

3. Are you game?

Plan games to get everyone involved & in baby mode. At my baby shower we tasted baby food, decorated newborn vests & guessed the measurement of my (massive!) bump. While you may think party games are just for kid’s parties, they really are a hoot. Perhaps not the food tasting though. 🤢

Alternatively, fill an unused mason jar with words of encouragement & love for those yucky middle of the night feeds and tough, long days. My super thoughtful best mate organised it for me & it was so special to read short messages from my loved ones when I needed a little pick me up – often it’s the little things that mean the most. 💓

4. Be bold

If you know you’re having a baby shower, then don’t be afraid to create a gift list/registry pre-baby shower. Guests (in my experience) are actually happier to buy something they know you need rather than playing the guessing game. It also stops an influx of hundreds of bottles of baby oil & loads of newborn sets, which may not even get onto your baby’s back if you have a big one like I did.

5. Stay chilled

Relax & enjoy… before you know it the little gymnast in your belly will be wriggling around in your arms and your life will never be the same again 👶. It’ll be better. Honest!

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