Baby It’s Cold Outside: Snowy Weather Fun For Kids

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Snowy Weather Fun For Kids

How can you enjoy a winter holiday or snowy snap, yet not run out of things to do inside, and avoid having a howling ice-cold child within minutes of going outside? Here are a few fun ways to keep toddlers and kids entertained at home, and top dressing tips for when you venture out. Altogether now, in the words of Frank Sinatra: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

1. Get kitted out

When heading out, being properly prepared is crucial and layering is key. KIDLY Label tops, joggers and leggings are perfect for building up the warmth in great toning shades under their coat or waterproofs. Next, you need a hat and proper ski gloves will be a lifesaver for keeping little fingers mobile when making snowmen and warm boots are a must. And don't forget that extra pair of socks!

2. Make a snow globe

What better way to celebrate and make magical winter memories than with a homemade snow globe? It’s easier than you'd think. Just follow these instructions.

3. Bring the snow in

Parent tester's kid Eli playing with snow indoors

This is a great bargaining tool if your small Ernest Shackleton refuses to come indoors. Grab an old ice cream tub, baking dish or a little bucket, then scoop up some snow from outdoors to bring in, stick on their gloves, give them some smaller construction toys to play with and there's their snow play sorted. Stick it on a black bag, or put them by the front door on the mat to limit the mess.

4. Have an indoor snowball fight

Scrunch up paper or newspaper into around 6 balls and wrap each one individually with cling film, then get throwing - soft enough not to hurt anyone, or break any windows!

5. Write letters to Mr Snowman

Yes, really! Think letters to Santa, but with a cold twist. From holiday wishes to things they want to do at weekends, this will get little minds working and give you ideas too. Winning.

6. Make marshmallows for your hot chocolate


Because every snow day needs LOTS of hot choc and, let’s be honest, it tastes so much better with marshmallows. Double up on sweetness and keep them busy by making your own.

7. Whip out the dress-up box

From those World Book Day outfits to any other piece of fancy dress, raiding that box will get their imaginations going keep them busy for hours. Wait for the ‘show’ at the end…

8. Save the snow

If they get sad when you make them come in or when the white stuff starts to melt, do it like the Beckhams. Yep, Posh posted a cool idea on her Instagram Stories where she popped her kids’ snowballs in the freezer for later. Do the same, or collect a bit of snow, pop it into tupperware and store it away for the next day. Thanks, VB!

Picture credits:
Marshmallows: Joyful on Unsplash
Header image: Heshan Perera Unsplash