10 Things To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

10 Things To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

By now, we’re sure you’ve read countless lists of the essentials that every forum and baby site claims you’ll need in your hospital bag.

Mobile? You never leave without it. Nappies? Doesn’t take a genius. Breast pads… let’s not get onto that.

We were having a chat in the KIDLY office about the stuff that really made a difference to us when we were in hospital. Here were some of the things, aside from the obvious, that were at the top of our list:-

1. A flannel

Not to cool you down, although that’s handy as well. We found it really helpful to suck on when you’re really hot & thirsty. Drink too much & you’ll be reaching for the sick bowl, so sip small amounts regularly. You’ll be thanking us later.

2. A comforter for baby

Whatever comforter you give to your little one now is likely to hang around for quite some time & so unless you want the same piece of muslin being dragged from pillar to post for the foreseeable future, you might want to make it something a little more pleasant.

"We all know the standard things you’re told to pack in a hospital bag, but from our experience, these are the things that really made a difference."

3. Lots of change

We never know how long these little munchkins will take to pop out and say hello to the world so you may find that your other half or birth partner has to top up that parking a good few times. Being prepared means they're not gone for ages, typically at the time you’ll need them. It also comes in handy for the vending and coffee machine - well, you don’t want them diving into your snack supply, do you?

4. Flip flops or slippers

Something that you can whack on really easily without help and will mean that you can hit the wards pacing or head to the shower without worrying about whether they clean to your standards.

5. A pillow

This will be particularly helpful if you’re staying in overnight but will also come in handy when you’re feeding. We’re not saying the hospital won’t have pillows, but nothing feels as nice as your own.

6. Colourful sleepsuits

Why always that horrible clinical white? Your little rascal will be born with plenty of personality, so why can’t they dress that way? There are plenty of unisex sleepsuits that avoid bland-ville. Whilst t-shirts might have appeal, the novelty will quickly wear off when you’re changing them for the tenth time, so playsuits keep things nice and easy.

7. Stuff to make you feel nice

After all of your hard work, there’s nothing nicer than applying a rich moisturiser to your tired legs or washing yourself down in a luxury shower gel. You’ve earned it.

8. A blanket for baby

Think of hospital blankets as being like the loo roll you used to get at school. It works, but it’s not great. Take a nice cosy blanket for them.

9. A little picture of the family

If it isn’t your first, you might want to attach it to the inside of baby’s cot, letting them get familiar with the faces they’ll soon be surrounded by.

10. Some cute little baby hats

The ones that hospitals dress them in tend not to be great, so if you want to keep them comfy and cool, taking your own is the way forwards.

With the endless list of things you need to prep for baby, the hospital bag can often appear bottom of the list. However the little blighters work to their own schedule, so make sure that you have yours packed and ready to go from 36 weeks!

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