Babies - they’re funny little creatures. Each one has their cute little quirks, likes & dislikes - and don’t they make it clear when it comes to the latter. As a mum of 2, I’ve learnt that there isn’t 1 piece of kit that fits all, even when it comes to nightlights & projectors. One likes sound, the other patterns & my mate’s baby won’t settle without white noise...

Let’s get you switched on (ahem) about all the options out there to suit your snoozehead’s needs.

Snoozehead loves... the TV

Confession time. As a second time mum with a demanding 5 year old, the 5 month old lived in her moses basket in the living room. She got so used to the lights & sounds of the TV that she couldn’t settle without it. Yours too huh? There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Projector shines a static star pattern on their wall & the colours mean your bubba is tricked into thinking they are back by the TV. Chuck in the lullaby feature & they’d never know…

Snoozehead loves... white noise

Spent a fortune on white noise apps & had to leave your phone in their room so they can listen to the blasted thing? Reclaim that phone with an awesome range of nightlights that come with built in white noise. This one by Skip-Hop not only offers the miracle noises - heartbeat sound included - but also projects a moon & stars pattern on the wall. There’s a built in nightlight in its tummy, while added lullaby & nature sounds means that you can swap noises too. Result!

Snoozehead loves... the light, hates the dark

Whether they’re 5 months or 5 years old, the dark’s an issue all parents have to tackle. While a projector is great for tiny ones, the older kind may need more convincing & that’s where a clever night light comes into play. Got a little cuddle monster? They’ll be all over this cool Noodoll Ricecracker Nightlight In a friendly shape, it doesn’t get hot meaning they can take it to bed with them & on those ‘scary’ nighttime bathroom trips. Cool huh!

Snoozehead loves... cuddles

If teddies & comforters ‘light up their lives like nobody else’ (sorry, we couldn’t resist) then there’s a soother that’s right up their street. This little beaut from B. Toys, is soft enough to cuddle & bright enough to keep them settled. It also plays nature sounds, in case your sleepyhead needs some extra comfort. Awesome.

Snoozehead loves... fresh air

Babe got an allergy? Or just gets a snuffly nose? There’s a cool piece of kit for that. A humidifier with a nightlight is perfect for soothing them & helping to reduce those snuffles. This one by Babymoov is awesome for helping to reduce pollutants in your home, as well as regulating temperature and humidity. Add to the fact that it’s also a nightlight - pick from 7 different colours, & bubs should sleep through - well, technically. It’s not a miracle worker.

As Rihanna said, ‘Shine bright tonight’, she may have been talking about diamonds but when you’ve got a bubba these nightlights are just as priceless. Take a look. Love them? You can pay us back in chocolate.