Bottle feeding. As parents we’ve done it ourselves, whether it was right from the off, combined feeding or making the transition from breast to bottle. That’s why when we chose our bottle ranges, we wanted to make sure we had all the things we needed when we were at the bottle feeding stage, covered. From sustainability, longevity and of course trying to combat that dreaded colic. Here’s a lowdown on our ranges and how they help out with different needs. Drink it up guys…

I need a bottle that’s... eco friendly

We’re all becoming so aware of the environment. And at KIDLY you’ll find lots of us shunning plastic water bottles for Swell’s steel ones. So it’s only natural that we’d want to incorporate this ethos across our ranges - afterall plastic-free can also be better for baby too! Pura’s range offers a totally plastic-free option. Free of any toxins, this bottle is super light to hold and can be used right from the day dot. Glass more your thing? - We get it, it’s becoming a huge trend in the baby bottle market. That’s why the Everyday Baby MilkHero Bottle is your kit. Wrapped in a silicon cover to make this shatterproof, this bottle also changes colour when the milk is too hot too. Awesome.

I need a bottle... that makes expressing simple

We know how it goes. Pumping for hours, getting it in a bottle or milk bag and then putting it in the freezer for storage. Then, planning on when you’ll need the milk to be able to defrost it. It’s a lot to think about when you have a baby in tow! That’s one of the reasons why we chose to stock Lifefactory. Made of thermal shock resistant Borosilicate glass, these bottles can be frozen and then popped into the microwave when you’re ready to use the milk. Planning? Who needs planning?

I need a bottle that will… grow with my kid

Kids are funny little things. But then so are we, always feeling comfy with familiarity. And finding kids a bottle they can use for years makes life easier when you’re transitioning them from bottle teat to sippy cup to straw. Again, Pura and Lifefactory come to the rescue when it comes to solving this problem. Both these bottles have been designed to fit interchangeable tops meaning they go from a baby bottle right to a sports bottle. Simple, effective and, again, great for the environment. One bottle means less waste after all!

I need a bottle that… mimics breastfeeding

My now two year old was a fussy customer when it came to switching from breast to bottle, and combined feeding too. For a while it seemed like I was going to have to be wearing those nursing bras for the rest of my life. Until I spotted Comotomo Bottles. Made of super soft silicone, which feels like your skin, these bottles have a natural shaped teat that mimics breastfeeding. It means, well, babes are more likely to take to them…

I need a bottle that... minimises colic

Colic, it’s horrible for everyone involved. And from experience we know you’ll do everything you can to make babe comfy. While we don’t really know what causes this problem, experts at baby bottle brands have been trying to come up with ways to minimise colic. Comotomo Bottles has created two anti-colic vents on its bottle teat. This means they drink milk and not gulp air. Similarly Everyday Baby has also moved to try and ease this condition offering anti-colic teats. It also features an integrated mixer, which helps eliminate any lumps in powdered formula that can cause this too. Winning.

So there it is guys. A little guide on our range of bottles. We know choosing the right one can be a bit tough so we’re here to help. Grab us on online chat between 8am and 10pm and ask us whatever you like. We’ll try our best to give you a helping hand.