Rainbows. We love them. And let’s be frank, they’re about the only good thing about the rain. But, they just don’t hang around for long - anyone else’s kid got the hump because they’ve missed that rainbow after you’ve pointed it out? Sigh. However, it’s good news. Thanks to this season’s trend for bold colours, rainbows are popping up everywhere from on clothes to home decor, meaning you can keep them around for a lot longer. Bye, bye tantrums, hello style…

Here’s our pick of the rainbow stuff we have.

Our rainbow products to help you get the rainbow trend

Meri Meri Suitcase set

Big round of applause for French brand Meri Meri, which has really taken heed of the rainbow trend this season, mixing it in with its party and home decor ranges. We love it. And now you can carry the rainbow trend into your kids’ accessories range with the Meri Meri suitcase set. Featuring an illustrated rainbow design on large and small retro themed bags, little rainbow fans will have hours of fun filling them with bits and bobs. They’re also a great set for packing them off to sleepovers, day trips or nicking to store your make-up in...😉

Mini Learners Follow the Rainbow Poster

Want to give them a taste of the rainbow trend but don’t fancy going all out? This Mini Learners Follow the Rainbow Poster is a perfect choice. Featuring a brightly coloured illustration and a statement, ‘follow the rainbow’ logo, it’s a simple way to subtly add the rainbow theme to their nursery.

Donkey Measuring Kids Life Height Chart

We love how this Donkey Measuring Kids Life Height Chart subtly chanels the rainbow theme, while being practical too (yeah, we’re suckers for stuff like that). In a contemporary rainbow design, this folding measuring rod doesn’t need to be attached to the wall and means you can measure and record their height whenever you like - even if you have to chase them around the room to do it!

The Bonnie Mob Sunrise Knitted Romper

The Bonnie Mob has been all about rainbows for a good number of seasons now. But their new drop has taken it to the next level. We’re totally 😍 for this Bonnie Mob Sunrise Knitted Romper, which features a bright rainbow against a neutral backdrop. A great piece for warmer summer days, we’re a bit jealous that we can’t squeeze into one. Ahem.

OYOY Rainbow mobile

If you want to show off the rainbow theme but don’t want to go all, er, rainbow bright, the OYOY Rainbow String Mobile is the product you need in your life. In a Scandi inspired design, this mobile features a rainbow in neutral, muted colours. Complete with clouds and characters hanging on a leather string, it’s subtle, but still shows off the rainbow trend.

Tresxics Bright Dots Wall Stickers

These Tresxics Bright Dots Wall Stickers are great way to really bring the rainbow trend home. In a pack of 100, these brightly coloured dots can be used to create a rainbow feature wall, or, be scattered around the nursery for a nod to the theme. When they grow out of this trend, simply just take them off. Quick and clever nursery decor - we like that.

East Coast Nursery 'Say Hello' Travel Mobile

What better way to start baby’s learning journey than with rainbows. Yup, this East Coast Nursery 'Say Hello' Travel Mobile has beauty and brains. Developed in partnership with Baby Sensory, which is based on over 25 years of research into the way babies learn and develop, this piece of kit can be attached to their pram. We love how the bright colours, sounds and textures will help develop baby's sensory and tactile skills.

Meri Meri cushion

Another rainbow wonder from Meri Meri, this Meri Meri Knitted Rainbow Cushion is soft and features five rainbow colours. In a curved rainbow design, it’s a great way to add a touch of theme to their nursery or your living room. Hint: You may want to buy two. If your toddler’s anything like ours, they won’t want to share.

So there we go, our fave rainbow clothes and home decor pieces to help you channel the trend. #yourewelcome