Unicorns. They’ve gone from being those mythical creatures that you read about in fairytales to being, er, well, just about everywhere. We’re spotting them in home decor, on bags and in party gear, making it safe to say that they’ve galloped straight into the limelight. Want to channel this trend? Good news - we’ve got a whole lot of unicorns ready to ride into your home and kids’ lives. Here’s eight of our faves...

Shop the unicorn trend with our unicorn themed bags, toys, slippers & party decor

Babymel Kids Junior Backpack

Got a toddler or pre-schooler who’s a huge unicorn fan? We’ve got something that’s right up their street. This Babymel Kids Junior Backpack is covered with bright unicorns, rainbows and stars - that’s three trends in one, peeps. And it’s super practical too. The big spacious compartment is great for toys, books, lunches… you get the idea, while the adjustable padded shoulder straps makes it easy for them to carry. There's also a large zipped front pocket that fits most standard pencil cases, making it a great pre-school backpack. And let’s not forget the elasticated bottle pocket and keyring - the very cool musical keyring...

Meri Meri Unicorn Dress Up Kit

French brand Meri Meri is really ahead of the game this season. It’s bought us rainbows, clouds and now unicorns. And if your kid loves them as much as us, they’ll go crazy over this Meri Meri Unicorn Dress Up Kit - because, really, who doesn’t want to be a unicorn? Great for pretend play and as a unique fancy dress party outfit, this dress up kit features a unicorn horn, and ears finished with gold glitter fabric detailing. The tail is made with lengths of alternating colour wool. Can it get any better? Noway! We may just steal it when they’re asleep… shhh.

Oli & Carol Stacy the Unicorn Teething Bracelet

Teething. Let’s be frank, it totally sucks for, well, everyone. And while we don’t have a miracle cure, we can help you make it that little bit better. Say hello to Oli and Carol, a Spanish brand that hand makes teethers from natural Hevea tree rubber. Galloping into our must-have list is this Oli & Carol Stacy the Unicorn Teething Bracelet. Featuring a unicorn shape - obvs - it’s easy for babies to bite down on, while the different textures make it great for soothing gums. When they’re tiny, just pop it on their wrists for on-hand teething wherever you are. Oh, and as it’s fully sealed, it also doubles up as a baby bath toy. Magical.

Chispum Unicorn Wall Sticker

Want to bring unicorns home, but not sure about making a full on statement? Fear not, Chispum, a brand that makes vinyl wall decor that can be stuck onto any smooth surface, has come to the rescue. The Chispum Unicorn Wall Sticker has ‘subtle styling’ written all over it. Featuring a sleepy illustrated bunny unicorn - yes really - and balloons, it looks great without being overbearing. Want to make more of a theme? Simply add some clouds and rainbows. Then, when you want to update their room, just peel them off… Who needs an interior designer when you have us. #smugface

Jellycat Medium Sweetie Unicorn

Cuddle buddies don’t get any better than a Jellycat toy. This brand combines lux fabrics with quirky designs, making them fun soft toys for babies and toddlers. So we really couldn’t do a unicorn round-up without giving the Jellycat Medium Sweetie Unicorn a shout out. In a brilliant white, with a with creamy mane and tail, it also has a shimmering horn and super fluffy tail. We’re calling it - it’s the perfect fairytale pal.

Collegien Unicorn Slippers

Collegien is always on-trend with its kids’ slipper designs, so we’re not really surprised that it's stepped into the unicorn craze. These Collegien Unicorn Slipper Socks sport the mythical horse and come complete with glitter detailing. Soft, and with a non-slip sole, they’re a great choice for wearing around the house. Disclaimer: We can’t be blamed if they don’t want to take them off. 🤷‍

Selfie Clothing Co Colour-In Cape

We love the ethos of Selfie Clothing Co. The British brand creates hand printed clothes that kids can get crafty with. And they’ve gone further than colouring-in t-shirts and pyjamas… Let us introduce the Selfie Clothing Co Colour-In Cape. Yep, you read right. This awesome product combines kids’ crafting, pretend play, fancy dress and of course unicorns. Spread it out on the table and let them colour in unicorns ‘til their heart’s content. When they're done, leave it to air dry or iron over it to seal in the colour. Creative, long lasting and unicorn themed - it's a perfect piece of crafty kit.

Meri Meri Unicorn Garland

Got a unicorn obsessed kid who has a birthday coming up? A unicorn themed party is a no-brainer. And for that, you’ll need this Meri Meri Unicorn Garland in your life. Not only does it feature our fave mystical animals and an 'I believe in unicorns' typography, it also has tassels. Lots of on-trend tassels. When you’re done with the celebrating, reuse it as a cool piece of decor in their nursery. Double duty!

So there it is unicorn believers, a pick of some of our fave unicorn themed toys, prints, slippers and party decor. Enjoy… 🦄