We're spotting a huge trend for all things retro at the moment. There seems to be a huge comeback of old school prints on clothes, to modern takes on the toys we couldn't get enough of as kids. Yep, we're taking a huge trip down memory lane at the mo... Just us? Or have you noticed it too?

Here's our 6 top picks from the the retro trend:

Foxrider Retro Tricycle

Seren peddling along on the Foxrider Retro Tricycle

Foxrider Retro Tricycle

Remember these? Every kid of the 70's and 80's had a trike that taught them the art of pedaling. Good news... They're back! Brought to you (and mini-me) by Foxrider, another newcomer to KIDLY, this modern take on the classic trike, is great for getting them to learn those all new riding skills. We wheely, wheely (ahem) want one for ourselves. Someone make it happen... please.

##Olli Ella See Ya Suitcase

This vintage style suitcase is great for travels and stylish nursery storage

Olli Ella See Ya Suitcase

Who doesn't love a vintage bag? Well us for sure! That's why this Olli Ella See Ya Suitcase makes it into our list. In a retro design, it features a retractable handle, which means it can be wheeled as well as carried. A built-in elastic band means they can attach their fave toy safely. And when they don't use it for travelling, this cool bag makes great storage in the nursery too.

Ooh noo Wooden Pram

Casper pushing along her Noodoll in the Ooh noo toy pram

Ooh noo Wooden Pram

Wood? Check. Retro? Check. Super stylish? Double check. Yup, this cool wooden pram has it all goin' on. We love the simplistic design and the fact that it’s sturdy enough for kids to push around, while it's also cool enough to be left out on display. And the Slovenian brand (which is brand spanking new to KIDLY) was started up by a mum. We love that.

Janod Wooden Desk and Stool

This kids' desk turns into a whiteboard and blackboard

Janod Splash 2 in 1 Convertible Desk

We spent many an hour crafting up a storm at our mini desks as kids. So you can imagine how excited we were when this one landed on our shelves. This cool desk made by Janod is wooden and has been painted in ALL the retro colours we remember as kids. We love that it can be used as a blackboard and then be flipped over to create an easel with paper too. Retro, useful and just all around cool, that's pretty much a winner in our books.

Kiko+ Camera

Martha playing with the Kiko+ Camera

Kiko+ Camera

This Japanese brand is, quite frankly, frickin' awesome! It makes a range of toys with a cool classic feel to get little minds working. And it was love at first sight when we saw the Kiko+ Camera. Retro styled, we love how this camera is made of wood for longevity. And let's not forget the lens which rotates to create kaleidoscope colourful patterns.