NEWSFLASH: Becoming a parent doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll lose the wanderlust you’ve been fostering for years. It’s highly likely you won’t get an urge to love caravans, Centre Parcs & staycations in the Cotswolds, unless that’s your bag of course.

Travelling with your miniature human is totally do-able. Having taken plenty of flights before & tutted at other parents, you’ll be well aware that it’s not always easy, but going prepared will increase your chances of making it out the other side:

1. Pre-book don’t pre-board

Whilst you might think it’s nice of the airline to offer for you to go first, they’ve clearly never travelled with kids. You’re going to spend enough time in the tin can, no need to lengthen that.

2. Take a night flight

Not only does this make drinking gin legit, your rascal is more likely to sleep whilst you’re doing it.

"Follow a few simple tips and soon your little traveller will be gaining their very own mini air miles!"

3. Milk at the ready

Breast or bottle, it’ll help their little ears during takeoff & landing. Make sure it’s in a clear baby bottle & be prepared to taste it. Don’t worry, you can swill the taste away as soon as you get to the lounge.

4. Book a bulkhead seat

These are the seats that have extra legroom with a pull down shelf for cots. Without your little lump on your lap, eating your meals will be much less of a palava, you won’t have to worry about the passengers in front of you being kicked & you’ll get a load more room overhead to store that kitchen sink you packed.

Remember, these seats are like gold dust, so you if you’re planning to use a cot, make sure to phone ahead to reserve one!

5. Break the rules

At home, technology might be seen as the devil but on planes they’re fully encouraged. At this point, anything that keeps them entertained is a winner in our books.

6. Pack an extra outfit for your little one & for you

The smell of stale sick isn’t pleasant for anyone. Ever. And nor is poo or wee come to think of it.

7. Take a travel blanket

Have you felt how cold it gets at 30,000ft? Cold = grumpy little people & grumpy mummies (or is that just us?). Pick a blanket that’s warm enough for your little one but also big enough for you to steal once bubba gets too warm… Sharing is caring right?

8. Grow a thick skin

There will always be people that complain & tut when your new traveller decides to cry. Our advice? Ignore it and focus on you and your little family..

9. Pack wisely

Take a carry on bag with baby’s essentials. While you may be tempted to take your gorgeous changing bag with you, practically something that lets you use both your hands freely may work better.

10. Take a lightweight and small stroller

Make sure it complies with airline restrictions & can be stowed in the overhead locker. This will make escaping angry passengers much quicker at the end of the flight.

If things get really bad, just remember that it’s very much like labour - it WILL come to an end & by the time you reach your destination, you will have forgotten all about the pain.