Every kid needs something to, er, light up their lives when it comes to those dark bedtimes. Whether they're teeny tiny or, that lil' bit bigger. We get it, we've got our own who are scared of the dark, monsters, spiders - you get the idea. That's why we're totally switched on about all the cool new nightlights that have landed here at KIDLY. Get ready, we're about to shine a light on the new drops.

Pabobo Ocean Projector

The Pabobo Ocean Projector shows fish and water patterns on Henry's cot.

Pabobo Ocean Projector (£45).

The guys at Pabobo - a new brand to drop at KIDLY - had a bright idea to create a range of lights that would keep lil' ones entertained and safe, as well as looking awesome in the nursery. And boy, they succeeded with this cool Ocean Projector. Designed to keep snoozeheads soothed, this calming nightlight projects under the sea shapes onto the ceiling. There's also 3 different types of music to soothe them to sleep, while the 'Baby cry sensor' turns on the projector automatically if bubs wakes at night. It may mean one less trip to their nursery every night. Win!

Zazu Nightlight Soft Toy

Penelope cuddles up to her Zazu monkey soft toy

Zazu Nightlight Soft Toy (£30).

What's better than a cuddle BFF? One that lights up of course. This awesome Nightlight Soft Toy by Zazu (another new brand here at KIDLY) is quirky and useful. Sure to keep those scary monsters at bay, this toy not only features a nightlight but also a range of nature, lullaby and chillout sounds. Oh, and you can also throw it in wash... yep, this is one cool nightlight!

Meemoo Feeding Light

Quinn sleeps soundly in her Snuzpod with the Meemoo Feeding Light clipped to it.

Meemoo Feeding Light (£45).

Another brand new to KIDLY (yep, we're on a nightlight mission at the moment) is Meemo. Their Feeding Light is great for big (that's you parents) and little sleepyheads alike. Say bye, bye to fumbling around with the the iPhone torch because this cool piece of kit features a low light, that you wear, so you can feed your babe without disturbing them throughout the night. And then, when they're done with the night feeds (phew), it becomes a nightlight with 2 adjustable brightness settings to keep them soothed. Double duty!

Munchkin Soothing Nightlight

The Munchkin Soothing Nightlight sits on the nursery shelf

Munchkin Soothing Nightlight (£20).

Lighting up our lives when it came in last month was the Munchkin Soothing Nightlight. Yep, we were all super excited about this lil' beaut. In understated style, this cool little light has big perks. Featuring three specific sounds to first calm them down and then soothe them to sleep, it then plays a constant white noise throughout the night to make sure they don't wake with sudden noise. If it doesn't settle your little sleepyhead, well we don't know what will...

Zazu Fin Reading Nightlight

Van reads his book under the light of the Zazu Fin Nighlight

Zazu Fin Reading Nightlight (£23).

Ok, ok, we know, we've already raved on about Zazu, but we couldn't have a top five without mentioning this awesome piece of kit. This is perfect for independent ones that are scared of the dark, or brilliant, budding little bookworms. Featuring a brighter light for reading, this wireless sheep-shaped light doesn't get warm; meaning it's safe for kids to take into bed with them. When they're done reading, adjust the light to a softer setting to help them sleep. No counting sheep here!

So there they are our top five just dropped nightlights. We know there won't be any ‘no likey, no lighty' with these cool pieces of kit.