Little ones need lots of stuff and their list of requirements only gets longer as they reach new stages. At KIDLY, we are excited by the growing number of brands who are offering long-lasting products or alternatives to single use items for mealtimes. From the milk-only days, to weaning and beyond, there's loads available to help eliminate waste. So, here’s our top eco-friendly, reduce and reuse solutions for feeding and hydrating.


From day one, a stainless steel bottle is a safe and tough alternative to plastic designs. Long-lasting and durable at the hands of babies and toddlers, they are also dishwasher-friendly and can be sterilised for those early months. As they reach weaning age, you may want to move them onto a sippy cup instead but there’s no need to ditch the bottle. Pura bottles are designed with interchangeable toppers, so you adapt them to their changing needs as they grow. For kids who prefer a spout-free design, the Miracle Cup by Munchkin lets them drink from anywhere around the rim. Made from stainless steel, it's incredibly hard-wearing and keeps drinks cold for up to 10 hours. See, it is a miracle.


Versatile storage solutions are great for the weaning stage and beyond. Whizzed up loads of purees? No problem. Foodii Pouches or Doddlebags lets you store it safely and then kids can suck them directly from the pouch if they like. Washable and reusable, they are a money-saving, waste-busting game changer. If it's chunkier foods you need to store from mini me portioned Bolognese sauces to fruit salads, the Babymoov Babybols are ideal. BPA-free, so totally food-safe, they are also fridge and microwave safe, making them ideal for fuss-free storing, heating and eating. They are great for using at home or popping in the changing bag for eating on-the-go. With leak-free lids, you don't need to fret about any spillages.


Reducing plastic consumption is big at the moment and for a good reason. Looking for ways to reduce the plastic in your household can seem overwhelming, but some simple swaps can make a big difference. We love these durable bamboo straws that are an ideal alternative. The practical bamboo doesn’t go soggy like some paper alternatives and they are simple to clean with the straw pipe. Ideal for using at home, but you can also pop a few in a storage case so you can say no to a straw when you are out. For school lunches, road trips or picnics the reusable snack bags by Roll'eat are ideal. Taking away the faff or using cling film, they reduce waste and are simple for kids to unwrap too. Easy to wipe-clean, they are always fresh for the next mealtime out of the house.


A new wave of children's dinnerware made from plant fibres is emerging to the market. This new generation of eco-friendly tableware is made of durable stuff, so it is perfect for kids and can be popped in the dishwasher too. Basically it’s as hardy as plastic but much, much kinder to the environment. Modern bamboo tableware design by stylish brand Liewood looks great on the table but is biodegradable when it's seen better days. Awesome. Brand Zuperzocial also care about our planet. Their range of kid-friendly, colourful tableware is made from corn and bamboo fibres. Designed to be long-lasting, it's reinforced with melamine resin, to make it extra tough. They are ideal for little ones, but great for big ones too - you can use it as your everyday tableware, but it's great for picnics, parties and BBQs as well.


Choosing to make your own treats and drinks, with some great products, helps to reduce waste. With a silicone lolly mould not only can you make your own healthy lollies at home, but you also reduce waste - no stick or wrappers needed here. The silicone designed by Zoku makes prepping refreshing treats a no-stress process. Simply fill the mould with little ones favourite flavours and pop in the reusable sticks and then into the freezer. It’s easy to pop them out when they’ve frozen too. They are ideal for using during teething as well, freeze water or breastmilk for instant angry gum relief. When it comes to drinks, switch bottles of juice for making your own. The Munchkin fruit infuser cup is designed with a storage base to place chopped fruits. It's a healthy option and reduces waste too.

Choosing to reduce and reuse helps sustain the world for the next generation. If this guide has inspired you to make some switches, our Reduce and Reuse shop has more curated goodies that we are sure you’ll love.


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