A new school year signals the need for a whole new kit for kids, from bags to water bottles and shoes too, there is more than just their uniforms to think about. With sustainability seemingly on everyone’s lips, we’ve compiled a back-to-school round up full of sustainable credentials to help you nail some genius earth-friendly product swaps and to pick out reusable goodies that you won't need to replace every year. Not sure where to start for prepping for the new school year? Here’s our sustainable back to school list to get you started… you’re welcome.


If your child takes food to school, it’s likely they’ll be chowing down on a sarnie when it comes to lunchtime. When it comes to storing it ready for them to enjoy, your choices aren’t just foil or film. Foodie brand Roll'eat design a reusable alternative that keeps sandwiches fresh and can be cleaned up and used again and again. If yoghurts or smoothies are their thing, Doddle Bags means you can store home-made recipes. Fill, zip and enjoy before washing and repeat the cycle again. Awesome.

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Roll'eat Sandwich Wrap.


Even when we try and be mindful of our consumption, we create a whole lot of waste, so we love discovering brands that turn leftover rubbish into something new and pretty and useful. Ahead of their time, Engel have been creating their recycled goodies since 2005. Their mini Zipper Backpack is an ideal school bag, roomy enough for all of the kit they need to carry and magically made from plastic bottles. If they are in need of their own set of wheels for the school run, the Wishbone Design Studio Recycled Edition 3-in-1 ride on is as sustainable as they get. The grow-with-them is designed from recycled plastic and is durable for endless trips to and from the school gates.

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Engel Zipper Backpack.


Plastic pollutes and when we can find an alternative, we’re all for it. Right now, silicone is enjoying a moment, perfect for kids products due to its durability, flexibility and food-safe properties. Great for school, the We Might Be Tiny Snackie box is roomy enough to hold their break time snacks or lunchtime feast. Shaped like a bear too, it’s extra irresistible. For in the classroom, the silicone Liewood Pencil Case is just right for storing all of their stationery. Wipe clean, with a zip open top, it turns into a pencil holder when they are getting crafty at the table.

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We Might Be Tiny Bunnie Snackie.


Determined to bring you brands that aren’t just about the frills, Veja and TOMS design school, P.E and club perfect kids pumps that combine both style AND substance. Made in Brazil, Veja seeks to look after its factory workers as well as integrating recycled or sustainably harvested materials into its designs. Also with a heart for people, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie started the brand so he could give to needy children in Argentina. Today the ethically produced brand still stands by its One for One promise (giving a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold), as well as investing in loads of other thoughtful partnerships around the globe.

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Veja Esplar Small Velcro Trainer.


Products with longevity encourage sustainability, because you don’t need to replace them on the regular. Steel is a robust material that is built to last, so is ideal for kids. For lunch or snack time, steel bottles and food jars are ideal for storing their drinks and food. For water, the Pura bottles are just right, with a grow-the-them design which means you can switch up the toppers according to their needs. The straw design is ideal for preschool age but as they get bigger the sports top will be more suited to them. For food storage, we love the B.Box insulated food jar that keeps hot food, warm and cold food, cool. It has a durable design that stands up to the daily use of hungry kids - it’s great for you too, if you have the opportunity to ‘borrow’ it.

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Pura 11oz Straw Bottle.


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