We get a few questions here at KIDLY about our range of teethers - and we thought it might be handy to share them. We've written some top tips on teething - and we like to think they were kinda helpful? But there’s loads more to teething than one article can cover… so here’s the intel on teethers.

Teethers for tinies

My baby is 3 months old, what should I get for them?

For very tiny teethers, there are a couple of options that are suitable from birth. As soon as you get a hint of tooth (or sooner if you just want), you can get them started into a toothy routine. Little chewy brushes, teething wipes and ‘bedtime teethers’ can all help in the quest to develop healthy tooth habits. The Brush Baby First Brush & Teether Set can be used from birth, as can the Janod Baby Pop Bear Rattle.

Mighty molars?

My baby has teething issues at the back of the mouth - do you have a teether for that?

Well, of course… One of our faves is the Comotomo Teether Toy, which has little finger shaped prongs, complete with textured ends, perfect for chomping on. They are just long enough to reach the back molars, but the whole toy is big enough that you don’t need to worry about choking. The Comotomo is made from medical grade silicone, so it's super easy to clean & care for too. Unlike babies.


COMOTOMO Teether Toy

Get a grip!

My baby can’t grip yet, but is teething hard, what is right for them?

This is when a teething mitt saves the day. For teethers starting out on their toothy journey, the Belo and Me Teething Mitts are fun & practical. The mitts use adjustable velcro straps to keep them on. For more prominent teeth (rather than gums) the glove also has a plastic teething heart - great for heavier chomping. It’s also detachable, for when they can grip by themselves, too.

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Belo and Me Teething Mitts

Keep on munching

My baby nevers stops chomping on anything & everything he can reach!

When they munch non-stop it's like damage limitation more than anything else! Make life easier for yourself by putting teething toys & products within reach. The uki.be Theodora Teething Necklace are fab (and look great on you, too), while the classic Sophie La Giraffe Teether can be munched on forever. Sophie’s been around for 50 years, so she obviously does the job!