We love babywearing kit here at KIDLY. So when BabyBjorn told us it had re-launched its Baby Carrier One, we got all 💃🏻😍. So, to mark the occasion and really put it to the test, we reached out to three of our KIDLY Parents, who each have very different lifestyles. Meet Becca, Cathryn and Zoe and see how the baby carrier worked out for them. It may help you decide if it's the one for you too.


Becca is a freelance writer and editor who works around her two children, Lily (10 months) and Ralphie (2.5 years). Already an owner of the older BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One, Becca was the perfect person to test out the new version. Her challenge? Ditching the buggy for the carrier...

Becca tests the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One

Becca tests the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One, £139

Becca said it was a ‘step up’ from the old version and loved that the new carrier enabled her to get out and about at times when the pushchair was impractical. Although it wasn’t as pretty as a sling, it was much more supportive and robust. She raved about the padded straps and the waist support, which spread out the weight and eased the strain on her shoulders - especially now that Lily is getting ‘heavier’. And as a lil’ bonus, it was also great for the whole family…

'‘We gave it a go wearing our two and a half year old on our backs. He's heavy, but it was doable.’

Becca’s Top Tip: ‘Make sure the middle strap across your back is nice and tight. It makes such a difference to the weight distribution across your shoulders. And loosen the main straps (although not too much!) before putting baby in, otherwise it can be really difficult to buckle them in.’


Zoe is a writer, photographer and mum to Woody (2 years) and Ettie (13 months). As an avid traveller, it was only right that we set her the challenge of taking this carrier abroad and telling us how it fared at the airport and in foreign climes.

Zoe tests the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One

Zoe tests the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One, £139

First off, Zoe was in awe of how useful it was at the airport when she needed both hands. And Ettie was also a fan, babbling and kicking her legs as soon her ‘bum hit the carrier.’ Zoe added that both she and Ettie were comfy and felt supported while using it. Ettie loved being able to see the world when they faced her out. Zoe was thankful that it had given her ‘hands back’ and allowed her to get out and about with a lot less hassle.

‘We’ve used it to carry Ettie on holiday and it really has been a great addition to our growing stash of baby gear - maybe even one of the best.’

Zoe’s Top Tip: ‘When I'm on my own with my two little ones it's much easier to wear Ettie on my back. And she seems quite happy there too.’


Cathryn is a writer and mum to Edith (2.5 years) and Norah (12 weeks). Her challenge was to road test the carrier to see how well it performed in terms of comfort and dad wearing it too. Sharing’s caring guys, and let’s be honest, it’s always great to have a product that can help with this!

Cathryn tests the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One

Cathryn and her partner test out the Baby Carrier One, £139

Cathryn loved that the carrier had enabled her to be hands free - essential when you have a newborn and toddler in tow. Wearing it around the house, she was able to prepare dinner easily. And when it came to support, she raved about how much this piece supported Norah’s head. She said it fared so much better than some wraps and carriers, which simply didn’t have the same level of support and couldn’t be shared.

‘It's a great structured carrier and perfect for days out and getting jobs done around the house, hands free. It will also be great for when Norah is older.’

Cathryn’s Top Tip: ‘I've never had a carrier like this before, but we were very excited to use it. My husband soon got used to the instructions. Once we put them into practice we found it easy.’

So there it is, a real life account of the BabyBjorn Carrier One. We love the cool denim colour option and the fact it’s soft and ergonomic. We also thought the two height positions and wide, fully adjustable seat area were worth a mention. Oh, and the fact that it’s simple to just swivel the whole baby carrier easily from your front to your back.