Let’s be frank. Finding a token gift, whether a stocking filler or a gift for a friends child, can be just as time consuming as picking out a big one. Because we want you to avoid picking something that'll be tossed aside with the gift wrap, here's our 'Best In Show' for gifts under £20. If you're buying for a crafter, a music maker or a kid who spends more time in the water than on dry land, these are the tiny treats that'll really make them smile.


Want to give more than just your bog standard craft stuff? Well, Kitpas crayons are more than just crayons. Perfect for doodling on paper like your standard crayon, but here's the twist, these Kitpas creations can be used on windows as well without any dramas - just wet and wipe to get your panes sparkling again. Oh, and one more thing. They're non-toxic too. A proper little craft box win. For kids who like making and doing, the Makedo sets are what you are looking for. Perfect for the eco-minded family, these kits help kids turn rubbish into something wonderful.


It’s never too early to start their musical journey. Unless it’s 5 am. 🙈 Plan Toys have come up trumps in the small but mighty musical instruments offerings with a pineapple maraca... why pineapple? Why not! Made from sustainable wood, they’re the right size for little hands and those stockings. Want to introduce music to a babe? A totally tactile Sebra rattle is a great pick. Designed from organic cotton, it’s easy to grab and shake, for music making even from the comfort of their cot. When they get bigger, the'll love using it for pretend play.


For kids who love to immerse themselves in creative play, small and mighty toys can enhance their imagination in a big way. First up, Dëna's really modern silicone rainbow toy is an ideal pick. It may only be small, but it has endless play opportunities. Let them stack it up, take it in the sand pit, play with it in the bath or use it as bedroom decor. That's gold right there. Alternatively, for at home or on-the-go, Bigjigs play tape is spot on. With a roll of 8 metres of runway, they can create their own landing strip on just about any surface. With a little wooden plane included in the set too, they won't be able to get enough of playing mini pilot.


Make getting them clean, dare we say it... fun... with a little bath toy to keep them occupied. For the tiniest of bathers, Oli & Carol is a great choice. Made from natural rubber, they are safe for chewing but are ideal for them to play with in the bath too. Fully sealed, they won't go yucky in the water... hurrah! Next up, foam and fabulous, the Quut bath toy sets are a little bit different, but a big bit brilliant. Great for preschoolers, they'll enjoy putting the pieces together before taking them for some fun in the tub. It's a little gift that'll give them loads of enjoyment.


Matchstick Monkey is a bonafide BFF of KIDLY and he's ready to be one for your little one too. Designed to chew, but a great little fidget toy as well, Match is perfect for your tots to take with them everywhere. If you need back up for those awkward teething gels during the thick of teething, he can help with that too. Basically he's on hand for them and on call for you, what a monkey.


Buying a little gift for a pre-schooler or toddler can can be a bit of task, because by this time they probably have boxes full of toys. 🤦. Think outta the box. We're big fans of the Noodoll night light, designed to be an after dark buddy for any 'big kid'. It provides just the right amount of light to keep them feeling safe in their rooms, but not enough to disturb sleep and it's portable to pack for trips away as well. Before you know it they'll be saying 'Night night, Noodoll' too.

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