Nappy choices – a huge pain in the bum? We know. It’s a lot of effort to even think about. So here’s the KIDLY need-to-know on washable nappies. Read on.

They sound complicated – but they’re not

They’re more complicated than chucking on a disposable & chucking it in the bin, for sure. But we’d describe the effort being like choosing to chop your own carrot batons, instead of buying them ready-chopped. Maybe. (A-hem). But, like anything, once you’ve got it, it’s easy.

Where to start, where to start?

In simple terms, there are 3 main (modern) types of reusable nappies:

  1. Two piece nappy: a separate inner nappy & separate outer wrap
  2. All-in-one nappy: a nappy & a wrap, erm, all in one
  3. Pocket nappy: an easy nappy that you assemble before changing (has a little pocket to slide the pad in)

We stock two types here at KIDLY. These are the easy all-in-one Bambino Mio nappies and the two-piece Close Pop-In (more like an all-in-one, with extras). We think the trade off between a 1-piece vs 2-piece, is that a 1-piece is fractionally easier to use and the 2-piece is fractionally easier to clean.

The big question: do I have to soak them in a bucket for days on end?

No you don’t. Nappies in 2016 are not like those your Nana used to make teddy bear bandages with. They are cool, they are colourful and they are easy-care. You can keep them in a bucket, but they are machine washable. It also depends on the type you buy.

Poo & plop!

With all washable nappies you can add in a biodegradable liner sheet, to help plop the poops into the loo to flush away before washing. Give them a rinse through if they are dirty before putting them in the bucket. (Did you know, if you use disposables you should still ‘poo & plop’ to prevent untreated poo going to landfill?).

How do you clean them, then?

All-in-ones (being just the one piece of material) go in the wash like a pair of pants. They will need storing somewhere until you are ready to wash them. So you might find a pot or a bucket useful for that.

With 2-piece nappies you don’t wash the whole thing, you just take out the inside layer. It takes a tiny bit longer at changing time, but there’s less overall washing. And you’ll need a smaller pot to store nappy inners, until you want to put on a wash.

Pre-wash tip

Before you start using any type of cloth nappy, you should pre-wash them first (with a tiny bit of detergent). Helps absorbency which, let’s face it, is what it’s all about!

What size should you buy?

You can buy washables by size: usually small, medium or large, or you can use ‘birth-to-dry’ or ‘birth to potty-trained’ nappies. These are made with an adjustable outer, so that you can make the nappy tiny for small babies, then unfold it with the poppers as they grow. Most nappies tie with Velcro-style attachments too, like a disposable.

Like we promised: easier than you think!


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