Playrooms are all about fun, but crafting a space that they love, doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. We love using colour and patterns to create an expressive space that will work, not fight with, their toys. Here’s our tips on putting together a stylish look that will still stimulate kids senses.

Creative colour

Make a bold statement with prints

Bold colours on walls create a confident base. We love this unisex, geometric wallpaper from Murals. Its simple design means that it can easily grow with them and mixes effortlessly with their toys and furniture.

Mix it up

Add kids' drawing ideas to your playroom

Relax the rules. Kids love variety and creating different areas where they can do things that are good for creativity. We love the mixing soft seating with more structured seating. A beanbag is always a great choice for kids - so is this Plan Toys Desk and Chair.

The fun factor

Fisher Price Phone Toy

It’s not a playroom without the play. Display their favourite toys on shelves and mantles, ready for them to grab and play. Easy to rotate, pick out bright colours and fun faces to catch their eye. This retro Chatter Phone from Fisher Price is bold and eye catching. Kids will love it.

Super storage

Foxrider Bike

When it comes to storage, make it accessible so that kids can pull out and put away their own toys. We’re loving the double use of this Olli Ella Luggy Basket, which can also be used as a toy. And baskets always look great on a shelf, or in the corners of rooms.

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