Kids have an affinity for building things... and knocking them down. Whether with small bricks, life-size kits or classic stacking rings, budding builders can get started on grand designs of their own, as soon as they learn to grasp the pieces. We’ve stocked up on some of the best modern building toys around for kids big and small, here are some of our favourites...


Modu Adventure Set
Versatile building toys are great for little ones because they offer up so many play opportunities. Modu and Dëna are two innovative brands who create tactile toys designed for open-ended building. With Dëna; build on the floor, in the sand or in the water. Made from silicone, they can even be used with food too. Modu’s life-size sets allows mini architects create rockers, ride ons, balancing platforms or modernist towers, their imaginations can literally run wild using the easy assembly pieces.


Say hello to a new breed of building blocks - no polluting plastic here! Each KAPLA plank is identical and has a unique ratio that enables incredible creations to be constructed without the need for any fixings, yet to have the stability of stone.Popular with schools throughout Europe, KAPLA encourages logical thinking,
stimulates creativity and helps to develop concentration, patience and perseverance.


Wood blocks are reimagined for the next generation of players. Forget boring, cuboid bricks, here wooden building toys are given a playful twist with new shapes, so tiny builders can really use their imaginations. And there is another thing to mention too… magnets. LEKKID and tegu incorporate hidden magnets in their toys, so kids can fix structures together with accuracy and ease. They'll enjoy creating familiar shapes and animals or go wild and make something unique - pigphant anyone?


Liewood bucket
Playing = learning. And when it comes to building toys, they can develop their senses as well as everything else. Taf Toys are great at making sensory toys for babies. Suitable from 9 months, their Hunny Bunny Stacker has bright colours, intriguing patterns and surprise beads in one ring, to stimulate their senses while they perfect the stacking technique. Simple though it sounds, a humble bucket can be a brilliant pick. Useful for mud pies, sandcastles (obvs) and these days they can even be scrunched or collapsed into small spaces like change bags and buggies - so they're easy to pack too!

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