Eeek, you’ve got a one year old! How quickly has that gone? One minute they’re teeny tiny and the next they’re lil’ people ready to toddle and with their own little minds (sob). But as they they hit that first year milestone one of the most challenging things we’ve faced is what toys to get them. No longer a babe who is happy with a toy that crinkles, but not yet a tot who can really get stuck in, the world of one year old’s toys is a minefield.

Along the parenting way we’ve learnt that all kids all like different things, so when you’re picking stuff, think about what they like in the real world. Lights? Colours? Your keys... you get the idea. Then translate that into toys. It’ll mean your household stuff is saved. Well maybe.

With that in mind we’ve put together a list to suit those different needs...that’s another job done for you.

One year old’s learning to toddle

Whether they’re on their feet, cruising the furniture, but they can’t quite grasp the art of walking, or quite happy crawling, a cool walker is perfect for helping with those first toddles. As well as keeping little wobblers occupied for hours it’ll help them learn to pull themselves up, stand & of course walk. Add to that the fact that this one includes a ball run, lights & a shape sorter & it’s an investment piece that will grow with your lil’ one year old.

B.Kids 3 in 1 walker

B.Kids 3 in 1 walker

One year old loves your stuff

Why do they always want what they’re not allowed? Remote chewed on the corner, keys hidden in their box, camera filled up with random selfies... you get the idea. And when you try to take the darn things away, they scream the place down. Sound familiar? You need this camera in your life. Scarily lifelike, this camera has an adjustable focus & wrist strap to keep it safe when they’re out & about! Every time they take a pretend pic, they can see their results through the kaleidoscope. So no matter what they capture, your blushes are spared & their creativity is encouraged. No more random selfies on your tech. Result!

My First Camera

My First Camera

One year old loves lights

If your lil’ one is in love with lights then, ‘light up their lives like nobody else’ (sorry, we’re One Direction fans here, ahem) with a toy that, well, lights up. This B Kids Sensory Rainbow Sound and Light Ball changes colour and has lights galore. Throw it, roll it & when it stops, it’ll identify the colour it paused on. It’ll shine bright for any light loving tot.

B Kids Sensory Rainbow Sound & Light Ball

B Kids Sensory Rainbow Sound & Light Ball

One year old loves music

Got a bubba who bounces to the beat, or likes to create their own tunes? There’s a whole range of musical toys out there. This cool Janod Confetti Musical Table is just one of our faves. Different and something that will grow with them, this musical table is in cool colours and features a xylophone, cymbal, drum and drumsticks. It has everything they need to start making music. Oh, and it looks great too. Noisy yes, but so, so worth it.

Janod Musical table

Janod Confetti Musical Table

One year old loves bathtime

If you’ve got a tot who’s happy to stay in the bath until their lil’ fingers and toes get all wrinkled, then of course they’ll need some suitably great bath toys. And guess what? We’ve got the perfect ones. Drum roll... please... introducing the Boon Tubes. In a set of three, each one makes its own whistle tone & they can be put together too. Good luck getting them out of the bath!

Serena trying out the Boon Tubes bath toy

Boon Tubes

One year old loves being busy

Got a one year old that’s into everything? Keep them busy with this Janod Baby Forest Activity Table. Filled with loads of fun activities to keep your tot busy, such as cogs, stackers, twisters & shape sorters - all fitting into the theme of forest animals on a textured base, they’ll start learning animal names too. We think it’s awesome for those one year olds who are learning to stand - it’ll keep them entertained for hours and last for years. Oh and it’ll also stop them banging on your coffee table too.

Janod Baby Forest Activity Table

Janod Baby Forest Activity Table