Dark and dreary days and nights. They’re all well and good in the lead up to Christmas when everything seems to feel all cosy and snug, but come January, we’re kinda over it. We want sun and longer days (yes, we threw a 2 year old strop there complete with the stamping of feet, ahem). We can’t work miracles, but we can make these winter days and nights that lil’ bit more bearable, whether you’re out and about or at home with some great kit that may just help.

Stay visible

Yep, we all have to do it at some point of our parenting lives and while it can be fun adventure for lil’ ones, making sure they’re kept safe is a priority. Thankfully, with a few simple pieces of kit you can join in the excitement. A pair of reflective lights on your buggy wheels, like these Pogu Reflective Wheel Stickers, which slip easily onto your wheels (and ensure you're spotted from up to 200m in low light conditions) are a great choice.

Amelie riding in her buggy with the Pogu Reflective Wheel Stickers

Pogu Reflective Wheel Stickers (£12).

Got a little scooter with you? There’s stuff for them too. These Buggi Lights, Buggy Lights feature a white LED light for the front and a red LED for the back - just like a car. Bright and super easy to turn on and off, they fit both scooters and buggies... double duty.

Got a little walker? Keep them protected too with reflective stuff for their clothing. Whether it’s reflective stickers, like these Pogu Reflective Clothing Stickers, that stick onto coats and bags, or a reflective zip pull, like the Pogu Reflective Zip Pull, they’ll be spotted up to 200m in low light. Winning.

Keep warm

Whether you’re out and about during the day, or at night, one thing stays the same. You’re going to want to keep yourself and bubs warm. Babies keep still in their buggies and that, plus the cold wind, means that they’ll need to be wrapped up well.

First on the list for keeping them toasty, is a footmuff. My little girl (yep that’s her in the picture) loves her Minene Footmuff, which keeps her snug, and I love it because it looks great. The top layer can also be unzipped in the summer and used as a padded jersey pushchair liner making it a cool all-rounder.

Evie-Grace keeping warm in her buggy with the Minene Footmuff

Minene Footmuff (£44).

And let’s not forget the hat, because every kid needs a hat to stop the heat from escaping from their little heads. Invest in one that covers those ears and keeps them warm too, like this Little Hotdog Watson Arctic Cub Hat. Waterproof, with cool prints, this trapper also has a faux fur trim for extra snugness. It also comes complete with ears that can be worn up or down, depending on their mood. You never know, they may just keep it on…

So that’s them sorted. And now it’s your turn. Yep, we’re good to you 😜. Ever wondered why takeaway drivers have scooters with those massive hand muffs tapped to them? Push a buggy around in the cold for a few hours and you'll be wanting to tape your oven mitts onto the handle too. Freezing hands mean pain and, if you’re like us, the grumps. And let’s be honest, sometimes regular gloves don't cut it. The answer to keeping cold hands at bay? This cool Skip Hop Stroller. Almost like an oven mitt, all you need to do is slip those hands in into the fleece lining for instant toastiness. It’s also water-resistant and has innovative clear zip pocket that lets you view and use your phone. There's even a special port for headphones. Just attach it to your buggy with the snap-together tabs. Awesome.

Keep the routine running

Yes, these happen on summer days too, but from experience, dark evenings can mean little late naps, which mean no early bedtimes 😱. The answer? Keep them busy in the backseat. This Taf Toys Musical Owl is designed for rear-facing tots and is great for dark journeys. When bubs touches the toy straps, the owl’s eyes light up and music starts. The feet flap and the beak is a baby-safe mirror, which lifts up and down, meaning there’s enough to keep them awake. And the best bit is that you can activate it with the little remote control that comes with it. Twit twoo!

Max keeping occupied in his rear facing car seat with the Taf Toys Musical Owl Car Seat Toy

Taf Toys Musical Owl (£28).

When they get older and are front facing, let them take control of what they’re playing with with a car seat organiser, which means that all their stuff stays in one place. This 3 Sprouts Car Seat Organiser cleverly fits with two straps around the front seat and has 6 pockets to store everything they may need to play with on the road - we're thinking toys, books and maybe a water cup too.

So there it is, a quick guide on surviving those winter days and nights. Just add the hot choc and marshmallows and there’s your toasty night right there.

And we've listed all the stuff that may help you out - we're nice like that you see.