Question: How does a broken fishing net find its way from the seabed to a paddling pool in your back garden? Answer: In the form of our KIDLY Label Recycled Swimwear. But exactly how does a disused fishing net turn into a chic sustainable cossie? Here’s how...

boy in swim trunks and rash vest sitting in sand holding bucket

Sun-safe first and foremost.

The checklist

Before any designing happens, we start with a checklist of features.It needs to be sun-safe - that's a no-brainer. And swimwear's almost like your child's summer uniform - especially on holiday - so it also has to be comfy and elastic enough to pull easily onto a wriggly baby or impatient toddler, but mustn’t sag with wear. It has to look good too - obviously!

Finally, summer gets us outside lots - appreciating what a precious resource the natural world is. So we felt it was really important that our first KIDLY Label swimwear range should be sustainable too.

Olivia models the Recycled Frill Swimsuit

Olivia models the Recycled Frill Swimsuit.

The fabric

Our design team created five key pieces that could be paired and even layered. The next job was to locate a specialist manufacturer who could produce the line to the high standards we wanted. We found a family-run factory in Portugal and together we chose a high quality recycled fabric called Carvico Vita that's made in Italy from reclaimed fabric scraps, ocean plastic and disused fishing nets. So you could say it’s ocean friendly in more ways than one.

Swimwear lifestyle shot

Freya loves that the Recycled Long Sleeve Swimsuit is so ocean friendly.

“Carvico Vita is a really premium recycled fabric,” explains Vic Tang, KIDLY's Head of Creative. "It has brilliant fade and stain-resistance, feels beautifully soft and has UVP50+ protection. Choosing it fits in with our KIDLY Label ‘Going Green’ mission, which means we make sustainable choices wherever we can. And it give us the quality of garment we know our customers expect.”

alt text

William models the Recycled Sun Suit & KIDLY Label Jelly Sandals.

The colours

Finally, came the choice of colours. We always put a lot of thought into our KIDLY Label palette. The joke in the office is that our designers even dream about colour! For swimwear, we liked the idea of Mediterranean shades: deep blue seas, terracotta walls and olive grove greens.

swimsuits hanging in tree

Mediterranean-inspired colours.

The photoshoot

Delays because of Covid-related shutdowns meant delivery came later in the summer than expected, so there was much excitement at KIDLY HQ when the finished garments finally arrived. But social distancing guidelines hadn’t yet been relaxed, so we couldn’t shoot with any of our usual models.

Otto and Henty model the Eco Rash Vest, Swim Trunk and Sun Suitt

Otto and Henty model the Recycled Rash Vest, Swim Trunk and Sun Suit

Like cavalry charging over the hill, our KIDLY Parent Testers came to the rescue. Their talented mums and dads produced gorgeous photos of Ocean, William, Jasmine, Otto, Henty, Freya and Olivia modeling the range at their lovely local beaches and in their back gardens.

Jasmine and Ocean model KIDLY Label swimwear

Recycled Frill Swimsuit & Long Sleeved Swimsuit modelled by Jasmine & Ocean.

Sales, plus our customer and Parent Tester feedback, tell us you've loved the results. The team are now back to the planning and designing stage again. Some patterns and prints will be introduced for KIDLY Label Recycled Swimwear Summer 2021. Watch this space. Or rather, watch this paddling pool...

Actually, do watch this space...

We’ll be sharing more KIDLY Label Stories in the near future and please keep sending us your feedback. We depend on it!