We've all got that one friend who has their Christmas shopping locked down by early October. But if you're like most mere mortals, it's mid December before the nagging sense of urgency kicks in. Should I already have everything? What's cool this year? (And why can't I ever remember Godchild Number 3's age???) To help get the to-do list all nicely ticked, we asked our fave influencers to talk us through their Christmas picks for 2020.

Stacey - @that.makes.six

Stacey Sutcliffe and her kids

Stacey Sutcliffe - (@that.makes.six) - is mum to 3 boys and 3 girls, so finding Christmas presents that will pass down and be enjoyed by all is always high on her list. And, as a big family, they try to cut down on plastic as much as they can.


Collage of Stacey's picks, including a dolls house, wobbel board, tunnel, KIDLY Label PJs, a Triclimb slide and a Shark cape dress-up

1. Meri Meri Shark Cape Dress Up

'I mean as far as Meri Meri dress up goes, give me one of everything! Always well made and always fun, I love that all their outfits could be used for school dress up days, Halloween or just the dress-up box - making them really dynamic and a great investment.'

2. Kids Concept Play Tunnel

'Through the lockdowns they've gotten so good at building dens that I think adding a tunnel is such a cute idea. From babies that crawl to toddlers and older children, play tunnels seem to be one of those things that have always been around - they're just so much more attractive to look at now.'

3. Plan Toys Victorian Dolls House

'I feel like this is this year's most iconic Instagram toy. All the most beautiful accounts have them, whether it’s filled with dolls or Maileg mice, it’s just stunning. A generous size and plain wooden front will suit any style of home, or age of child. I also love that, unlike most dolls houses, it isn't pink - so doesn't lean toward one gender.'

4. Triclimb & Slide

'We’ve had our Triclimb for a year now and it's still my most recommended product. This year, we're adding the slide and I can’t wait. It's been so loved during lockdown when trips to the park were impossible - when it's not being climbed on, there's a blanket over it while it's the girls' cafe, or the boys’ big top tent, or a secret agent den.'

5. KIDLY Label Organic Pyjamas

'New PJs is a Christmas tradition for us and nothing quite matches KIDLY Label's. Our smallest 3 have been wearing them since they launched, and they’re still going strong.'

6. Wobbel Board

'The Wobbel Board is another favourite of ours and we’re often asked if they’re worth the money....and the answer is always ‘yes’. From yoga to dancing, as a see saw, a car ramp or an animal bridge, it’s an endless list of possibilities.'

'I mean as far as Meri Meri dress up goes, give me one of everything!'
Stacey - @that.makes.six

Chaneen - @ChaneenSaliee

Chaneen Saliee and her kids

Chaneen Saliee - (@chaneensaliee) - is a breastfeeding guru, designer of hip and affordable breastfeeding line Chic + Discreet and mum to 2-year-old Ocean and her big sister Jasmine, who’s 3.


Collage of Chaneen's picks, including a cash register, elaphant basket, tegu, dinkum doll, geometric shapes box and a little dutch kitchen

1. Le Toy Van Cash Register

'Don't you think everything is available to buy and sell when there's toy money at hand? This'll be a great way to encourage lots of family role-playing, having fun while they learn some basic numeracy.'

2. Elephant Storage Basket

'These cute elephant storage baskets will make having to tidy away a lot more satisfying!'

3. Tegu Original Pocket Pouch

'I'll go for these magnetic blocks because they’re magic - or at least, it seems that way. There's so much awe and wonder and excitement when you watch a little person explore how magnets work.'

4. Olli Ella Dinkum Doll

'I love that the range of Dinkum Dolls offers some diversity. And the quality is something I've often heard praised, so I look forward to enjoying that too. It’ll be the perfect way to introduce some nurturing play into our day-to-day.'

5. Janod Geometric Shapes Box

'This is great for littler littles. I can attest that they will happily put shapes in a hole over and over again for hours and it remains great fun.'

6. Little Dutch Kitchen

'Oh, we love a good homemade meal by the girls! Raspberry and Sweet Potato mash, anyone?'

'These cute elephant storage baskets will make having to tidy away a lot more satisfying!'
Chaneen - (@chaneensaliee)

Malgorzata - @tinywellies

Malgorzata and her son

Adventure-loving mum Malgorzata Starzewska - @tinywellies - says her fave gifts are all about the wow factor and helping two-year-old Dexter burn off some energy.


Malgorzata's picks including a plan Toys garage, Matchstick Monkey Teether, Triclimb, Grass & Air colour-revealing wellies, Vet Set, and Stacking Veggies

1. Matchstick Monkey

'The one and only teething toy for us. It's so easy for little hands to hold, with a brush at the end to massage sore gums. Extremely durable and easy to clean, this cute monkey would make a perfect stocking filler for any teething bubba.'

2. Plan Toys Race N Play Parking Garage

'This is one of our firm favorites. Just like other Plan Toys products, the garage is made of eco friendly materials - 100% natural rubber and plan wood - and I love the feel of it. Beautiful, simple design for parents who like toys with that minimal look!'

3. Grass & Air Colour-revealing Wellies

'Add bit of magic to the puddle jumping fun. These wellies will reveal hidden colorful raindrops when wet. Be warned - your kids won't want to take them off!'

4. Plan Toys Vet Set

'The cutest little Vet Set from Plan Toys - it’s a perfect gift for role playing, made from sustainable wood and cotton. We love that it includes what we call the cone of shame!'

5. Triclimb

'This sturdy climbing frame made of sustainable wood is perfect for burning off that excess energy! Let your little ones climb on it, or decorate with fairy lights, throw a blanket over and transform it into a cosy den. And once the playtime’s over, you can fold it and neatly put away.'

6. Le Toy Van Stacking Veggies

'This adorable wooden trio is sure to make you smile. Encourage kids to stack the veggies to match tops and bottoms or create crazy mixes - we like to find funny new names for the mixed veg! This stacking set makes a lovely nursery decoration too.'

' These wellies will reveal hidden colorful raindrops when wet. Be warned - your kids won't want to take them off!
Malgorzata - @tinywellies