Can you imagine the excitement of learning to crawl and walk? The equivalent for us would be learning to fly. Suddenly, your baby's world opens up in a whole new way - with vast landscapes to tackle and explore. (You might look back wondering why you didn't make more of knowing your newborn was always where you left them!) But fear not, our On The Move collection will equip you for this developmental odyssey. Buckle up...

“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance: one cannot fly into flying.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Their first shoes

When they take to their feet, you want to make sure they have flexible, supportive footwear and old soles' Cheer Pave First High Top Trainers are the ideal choice for those first steps. With a sturdy toe cover and velcro strap, they offer plenty of protection and are easy to get on and off, perfect for wriggly feet.

"The sturdy toe covers protects their toes and stands up to scuffs and bumps as they learn to walk."
Helene, Buyer

old soles Cheer Pave First High Top Trainer

old soles Cheer Pave First High Top Trainer

A walker

A walker provides stability for those first wobbly steps. Some are designed for playing too, like the Le Toy Van Activity Walker that has 10 different play activities, including flaps, spinning dice and moveable cogs to develop their fine motor skills, while they have fun. As it's made from rubberwood, it's the kind of toy that will last generations.

"She's really small for her age and not yet walking. But this has really caught her interest, she loves standing at it and playing with all the activities."
Faye, Parent Tester

Le Toy Van Activity Walker

Le Toy Van Activity Walker

Pretend play toy

Imitation very much becomes the name of the game at this stage. They'll love having a keys or a mobile of their own, with buttons that play different tunes when they are pressed. The Classic World My First Phone responds to their movements too - when it's shaken, it rings. Expect lots of hilarious 'conversations'.

"We love that this gets them role playing from 10 months."
Megan, Buyer

Classic World My First Phone

Classic World My First Phone

“When kids hit 1-year-old, it's like hanging out with a miniature drunk.”
Johnny Depp

Knee crawlers

Once they take to their knees and get moving, there is no stopping them, so give them better grip with the innovative Go Baby Go Crawling Leggings. Made from super soft, stretchy cotton, the silicone grips on the knees makes the leggings more hard-wearing and stops them from slipping around on slidey surfaces.

"I can’t believe how much they’ve helped him with his crawling. We’ve been using them daily for tummy time and he’s now on the move!"
Jessica, Parent Tester

Go Baby Go Crawling Leggings

Go Baby Go Crawling Leggings

A cause and effect toy

By this stage they're beginning to get the laws of physics - not to Einstein levels, obviously! The Janod Tatoo Frappa Ball is a really sweet & stylish version of an old favourite that helps with hand-eye coordination - and they won't tire of bashing the balls with the little hammer and watching them roll down the track.

"It dings a lot. So just make sure you've had your morning coffee before they start."
Melanie, Buyer

Janod Tatoo Frappa Ball

Janod Tatoo Frappa Ball

A bath time toy

Bath is now about more than just sensory pleasure - you can really get their brains working with the right toy. They'll love sticking these Boon Cogs Water Gears on the tiles, then making them spin when they pour water over them. If they position them just right, they'll spin like a fine-tuned machine.

"There’s no right or wrong way to set up these cogs, they stick on so well."
Jodie, Parent Tester

Boon Cogs Water Gears Bath Toy

Boon Cogs Water Gears Bath Toy

This may surprise you

  • On average, children take the first steps on their own at the age of 12 months. But kids who start walking early turn out later to be neither more intelligent nor more well-coordinated, according to a study supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

  • Children with older siblings are more likely to copy what big brother or sister are doing and will more than likely try to walk sooner.

Dive a little deeper

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