Bangs, crashes and little tinkles. They’re all part of your your little one’s musical journey. But with so many musical marvels on the market, which ones suit your mini Mozart and at what stage? We’re here to lend a hand, with a range of cool musical toys to help them on their way. Here's what they'll need for band practice, from newborn days to the preschool stage.

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You can introduce them to music even before they’re born. Stick on your favourite tune, or if you’ve been blessed with an X-Factor worthy voice (lucky you), sing to them. As soon as they pop out, carry on their musical journey with a sweet music box that they will recognise the tune to as they grow. We love designs by Jabadabado and Franck & Fischer, which are great for hanging in their nursery or clipping onto their baby bouncer too. If you want to let them start making their own music, a playmat that has sounds and rattles is a great investment. They'll love tearning to master pushing and kicking the hanging toys to make all kinds of jingly sounds.


At this stage, they’ll start becoming more aware of everything around them, and probably getting a little bit bored of those newborn toys. Now’s the perfect time to harness that boredom and get their musical minds working. Ok, you may have to put up with a bit of noise while they get to grips with this musical lark, but as they say, practice makes perfect. For this stage, they will be mastering fine motor skills, so a set of little rattles and shakers are ideal. The Halilit musical rings are designed for little hands to grasp and they'll love seeing what noise they can make. If you want to get involved in their jamming session, you can create a sensory experience using instruments. We love the giant Rainbomaker by Halilit, which creates stimulating sounds reminiscent of rain.

12-24 MONTHS

They’re probably grasping walking, banging and grabbing everything at this stage, meaning they’ll be very aware of different sounds too. Now their musical toys can start to get a bit more technical, to help them make noise that sounds (hopefully) a bit more like... music. A little wooden drum is a great one to get started with, we love designs by Kid's Concept and Plan Toys, which make ideal gifts for mini composers. Clatter toys and xylophones which requires more coordination are perfect for toddlers too. Plan Toys and Oribel have fun and colourful designs to inspire tots into making sweet music.


Now this is where the fun starts, because when it comes to this age, the world’s their musical oyster. Once they (and your ears) are tired of those drum beats and rattling, bring out the big guns. For something different, the Fisher Price Classic Toys record player lets them turn their hand at playing DJ. With kid-friendly tunes, they'll love creating their own dance party. For little strummers, a mini guitar or ukulele is ideal for introducing them to a proper instrument. Janod have a great confetti-style ukulele with 4 smooth nylon strings that they'll love to pluck and play.

So, there you have it. A range of musical toys for each stage to get them finding their beat. You can shop our entire musical toys category here.