Bangs, crashes and little tinkles. They’re all part of your your little one’s musical journey. But with so many musical marvels on the market, which ones suit your mini Mozart and at what stage? We’re here to lend a hand, with a range of cool musical toys to help them on their way.

*Disclaimer. They may be cool pieces of kit, but we can’t promise that they’ll always be making sweet music 🙉 Earplugs at the ready!

Mini music makers 0-3

You can introduce them to music even before they’re born. Stick on your fave tune, or if you’ve been blessed with an X-Factor worthy voice (lucky you), sing to them. As soon as they pop out, carry on their musical journey with the Mellipou Cloud Music Box. It plays Stevie Wonder's, I just called to say I love you, meaning they can get into the oldies, but the goldies.

Alternatively, instead of just playing music to them, let them start making their own tunes with a playmat that has sounds and rattles, like this East Coast Say Hello 4-in-1 Discover World Playmat. It’s a great way to introduce them to music. As they get older they can grip the rattles, which is great for helping them to (ahem) compose.

East Coast Say Hello 4-in-1 Discover World Playmat

East Coast Say Hello 4-in-1 Discover World Playmat (£55).

Mini Mozarts 6-12 months

At this stage, they’ll start becoming more aware of everything around them, and probably getting a lil’ bit bored of those newborn toys. Now’s the perfect time to harness that boredom and get their musical minds working. Ok, you may have to put up with a bit of noise while they get to grips with this musical lark, but as they say, practice makes perfect. Or, you can learn to drown it out (we recommend noise cancelling headphones). Got them? Then the taf toys Laptoy Activity Centre is a great piece of kit to start with. It features over 12 activities to play with and explore, including music, lights, a peek-a-boo cloud, rattle ball and crinkle fabrics to develop a range of skills.

The twins playing with the Taf Toys Musical Laptoy

taf toys Laptoy Activity Centre (£27).

Midi Mozarts 12-24 months

They’re probably grasping walking, banging and grabbing everything at this stage (🙈), meaning they’ll be very aware of different sounds too. Now their musical toys can start to get a bit more technical, to help them make noise that sounds (hopefully) a bit more like... music. This B.Toys Drumroll Please set is a great starter kit to help them on their musical way. Featuring a drum, drumsticks, a spirally egg shaker, a fun tambourine, castanet and a slide whistle, there’s plenty to help them make lots of noisy tunes. Fancy encouraging their classical rather than rocker side? This awesome Skip Hop Fox Xylophone is a great choice. Featuring 8 colourful note bars to plink and plonk on, it’s quiet enough to stop those headaches and cool enough to have on display.

B.Toys Drumroll Please set

B.Toys Drumroll Please set (£32).

Little composers - Pre-school

Now this is where the fun starts, because when it comes to this age, the world’s their musical oyster. Once they (and your ears) are tired of those drums and recorders, bring out the big guns. We’re all 😍 over this Janod Confetti Grand Piano, which has 18 keys to encourage budding musicians. Oh, and it also looks great. Got more of a strings fan on your hands? Janod have come up trumps again, with the Confetti Ukulele. Featuring 4 nylon strings, it’s a great way to get them practicing for Britain’s Got Talent!

Janod Confetti Ukulele

Janod Confetti Ukulele (£28).

So, there you have it. A range of musical toys for each stage. Just make sure you grab your morning coffee and have the headache pills to hand before you let them loose :).