Whether it's a soggy school run you are faced with or you like to take your kids outside whatever the weather, there's some great waterproof, wind-resistant and snuggly wet weather gear that makes those damp days more comfortable. From ensuring babies are kept dry, to helping energetic toddlers and preschoolers live their best life splashing in muddle muddles, without getting their clothes and socks wet, here's our top picks of the best outwear, footwear and rainy day accessories. Let’s get started...


Whether you are heading out to a baby class or you have to take little siblings out to do a rainy school run, you'll want to make sure they are kept warm and dry. Got them in a buggy? As well as a warm and toasty pram liner, they’ll need a good fitting pram raincover. Choosing a universal design which fits into place easy, means you can get it onto the stroller if a downpour catches you by surprise. Picking one with a little window, lets them peer out as well as getting that all important fresh air without getting wet.


There’s a whole range of benefits to getting young kids out about in wet weather, from building their kids’ immune systems to developing their senses. At this age, you can have fun kitting them out with the right rain clothing. If they’re walking properly, pick a pair of lightweight and waterproof boots. The Baby style by Bogz aren't cumbersome on their feet, meaning toddlers can run and jump no problem. An all-in-one is a good option to keeping them dry from top to toe. The Hippychick waterproof is fleece lined for extra warmth and you can dtrup it off at the front door - no indoor puddles here!


Let’s be honest, staying at home isn’t really an option when you’ve got a pre-schooler, considering that they need to get to nursery or, well, pre-school. And even if it wasn’t for their hectic social lives, at this age they’re too hyper to stay at home, plus it's a great opportunity for learning. By this age they are less likely to be in a pram for every outing, so make them feel all grown up with their very own cool kids’ umbrella and a pair of colour-changing wellies which make rainy walks all the more exciting. You can keep their clothes dry with a stylish waterproof cape by GOSOAKY. Sliding over their heads, it's a great choice for those rushed school runs, when fiddling with a zipper adds time to your strict schedule. Wind resistant as well, it keeps them warm and looks so cool too. Who doesn't want to be a rainy day superhero?

And there it is, a guide to what to dress kids in for rainy days... don't blame us if they start doing their own rain dances...