Swimming. It’s a great skill to have. And if you start them off from a young age, they’re more likely to pick it up and not be afraid of the water. But, like anything in the baby, toddler and pre-schooler worlds, there’s a whole lot of kit available. And let’s be honest. It can be pretty confusing knowing what swimwear is right for your little one.

To give you a helping hand, we've broken down the different types of swimwear by what protection it offers, We’ve whether it’s for swimming lessons or holidays by the pool and beach. Splashing times ahead guys.


Basic protection

Whether you’re looking for a swim nappy for your babies first swimming lesson or on the hunt for swim pants for your toddler's trip to the beach, if they aren't potty trained, they’re going to need something that catches those erm, accidents. And that’s where reusable swim nappies come into play. Essentially these are what they say on the box. A swim nappy that can be reused, with seam to skin binding to prevent leakages. And there are more great pros. Not only are reusable nappies environmentally friendly, but they’ve been designed with fabrics that let them move without any restrictions. Options by Splash About and Close are swim school approved making them ideal for precious baby swim lessons. Or if you are heading on holiday, a lighter option such as the Bambino Mio swim nappy is a great choice.


Intermediate protection

Rash vests are perfect for giving babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers some extra warmth while they are in the water, so they are great for outside pools. Made of sun resistant fabric, they provide protection from UV rays as well. The great thing about these is that they can be layered over swimsuits for extra protection or paired with reusable nappies and shorts too. Here’s a little tip. Always buy one that fit snugly, but not enough to restrict their movements or feel uncomfortable. If a rash vest is too loose it could roll up and move around whilst they’re in the water, which defeats the purpose. Long sleeve rash vests by Liewood, Sunuva and Ki ET LA offer all-over protection for the top part of their bodies, with quick drying materials meaning they won't get cold when they've been out of the water for a while and UPF 50+ for protection in the sun.


Full protection

There’s a range of kids’ all-in-one swimwear to choose from, but ultimately, these do pretty much the same thing - keep them warm in the water and safe in the sun, so they are ideal for the beach. Usually made of neoprene or polyester, they’re insulated, quick drying and offer all over sun protection too, so they work great even for playing on the shore. Sunva and Close offer SPF 50+ making them the perfect cover-ups for sunshine holidays and the bright, modern patterns will be really appealing to toddlers and pre-schoolers. If your baby needs all the protection, but you know they'll need frequent nappy changes, the protective Orby wrap suit is ideal. The velcro seam along the gusset makes changing nappies a breeze. #Winning.

Because we are kind, we've put together buying guides for every section of our site, to help you make the right choices when it comes to buying for your little ones and gifts for others too. Hope you enjoy 🎁