I recently announced over on the KIDLY Facebook page that I have bun in the oven. Having just celebrated our first baby’s first birthday, the news of another one on the way so soon fills us with masses of joy but a touch of anxiety too, if we’re honest.

Thinking of all the nappies, extra washing, logistics of getting two little ones to nap (please tell me they do it at the same time?!) And bath & bed routine x 2… All alongside keeping a house tidy and freelancing part time makes my head a little fuzzy. You may have seen me shout out on Facebook for some 2 under 2 advice & guidance from those who have been there and got the t-shirt... so here’s a round-up of the gold dust you shared.

Preparation, preparation, preparation

Growing a human takes 9 months so there’s plenty of time to get prepped - even with an attention demanding toddler. Make sure baby’s clothes are washed, start stockpiling nappies & get buying all those after birth essentials. You’ll be thankful for sorting the necessities ahead of time when you’re able to spend the last few weeks relaxing and soaking up quality time with your big babe.

It’s all about the routine

Thankfully my husband had his head screwed on when Eli came along and encouraged me to put Eli down at nap times, meaning we developed a routine quite quickly. *High 5 Hubby* With number two, you already have one lil’person (or more!) to consider, so routine is even more important. Getting your two minis into the same nap & bedtime schedule gets a double thumbs up, although no two babes are the same, so don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work out that way. Other small but significant things like getting you all dressed straight after breakfast is a fab plan, so you aren’t still having a pyjama party at lunchtime – although those are fun too.

Make your space work

Life with a newborn and a toddler is never going to be a cinch but a few adaptations can help. Creating a changing station in your main living area as well as the nursery means you can change both kids in the same place. Just be sure to keep it well stocked so you aren’t hunting around for the right nappies in the middle of a shituation! Having a sealed, dirty laundry bucket for all of those yucky items is another great tip – squirt with vanish so they are already soaking away ready to pop in the washing machine when you can. Ensuring you have a safe place to put the baby down in the rooms you use the most is super important and something I need to consider. Lots of mums with 2 under 2 are raving about the Nuna Leaf because it’s up out of the way of rowdy tots, I’m definitely adding it to my wish list.

Ask for help

Whether it’s asking someone to watch the newborn for an hour so you get some quality time with the toddler, or vice versa, this can do the world of good for everyone. Plus, whoever has the pleasure of spending time with your little human probably absolutely loves it – remember that too ☺

Getting your toddler involved

Your toddler’s life is about to change so get them involved & excited - from bump to baby. It seems buying a doll to role play with before the new baby comes along is really popular and something I will be doing with Eli over the summer. Once the stork has dropped the new arrival, little ones can be quite helpful too, fetching wet wipes can seem like a magical quest for a 2 year old. Another great tip is having a treasure chest of goodies for your big baby to be excited about when you’re feeding the newborn. Special toys and snacks are great to keep them occupied while you’re feeding your little bundle.

Have the right gadgets

Slings were the number one product for mums of 2 under 2. I’ve said in previous ideas posts that I am a big fan of baby wearing and I will be slinging it up once again when the new one arrives. The right double pram was also high on the list of must-haves. I walk a lot because I don’t drive (another thing on my to-do list!) so I’m in the market for a hard-wearing double wagon myself – must be able to deal with the rugged terrain of life in Wales and a driver who bumps kerbs quite ferociously – answers on postcards please.

For those of you with two under two – or those preparing for it like me - we’re going to be busy. But as I keep telling everyone, ‘Yes our hands will be full, but our hearts will be even fuller!’ (I think that may be my life motto for the next few years!)

Laura x


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