Bouncers - ‘They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.’ But with so many out there, all doing different stuff (some, well, bounce, some sway, some rock) it’s tricky to know which one will suit your home & your newest family member. Here’s the lowdown...

No batteries please…

Batteries - the bane of your life when you’re a time strapped parent. Save your sanity & the environment by picking a bouncer that runs on, er, air. Choose one where all you have to do is give it a nudge (or bribe an older sibling to) & it swings. One of our current faves (& my 6 month old’s go to) is the Nuna Leaf.

Don’t fancy doing all the leg work? Delegate it to them straight off the bat with a bouncer that rocks with their natural movement. So... the more they wriggle the more it bounces - perfect for letting them entertain themselves. Win. This BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft is a real classic.

No-one puts baby in the corner...or on the floor

Got yourself a tiny human that needs to be in on all the family action? There’s a multi-level bouncer for that. Some, like this Babymoov Swoon Up Bouncer, rise up to the height of your sofa or play table. Awesome if mini-me has siblings they want to babble to.

Space savers

Baby kit takes up a lot of room. Fact. And if (like most people) you haven’t got a super-sized mansion, then you’ll be forgiven for not wanting a bouncer that’s as big as an armchair. Thankfully there’s a host of compact bouncers out there that work in small spaces, while others fold down, making them super portable & easy to store. One of our current faves is the BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss.

The entertainment system

Got a baby that likes to be entertained? Get them a bouncer that’s all singing & dancing. You can get ones that rock, swing, vibrate, play melodies & have toy bars. The BabaBing RockOut 2 Baby Rocker has all the bells & whistles to keep your mini tornado fully entertained. While others have extra add ons to keep baby stimulated like the detachable Nuna Leaf Toy Bar. They’ll be far too immersed to notice that you’ve got your feet up with a mag. Genius

King of the swingers

If they’ll only settle when they’re being rocked or walked back & forward why not get a bouncer that mimics this motion? You can go as simple or as hi-tech as you like. The Nuna Leaf & the Babymoov Swoon Motion Bouncer are both the Kings in this department.

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