Everyone wants to give that gift that makes everyone ask where it came from. One that also keeps Birthday Girl or Boy occupied long after the cards and cake have been cleared away. Great news - at KIDLY we've always got a wide range of unique presents that are guaranteed to deliver the ooos and ahs on the Big Day, and well beyond.


Toys that are trending on social media guarantee a double thumbs up from recipient and parents. The super cute and insta-famous Dinkum Dolls by Olli Ella are a fail-safe idea for little ones who love to role play. If you're all about the 'Want / Need / Wear / Read' rule of thumb, the Little People Big Dreams books are a perfect literary pick, introducing kids to a really broad line-up of legendary characters - from Muhammad Ali to Vivienne Westwood - in a way they can really get. They're modern bookshelf additions that will become classics.

boy reading Little People Big Dreams bookt

Little People Big Dreams


There’s something very comforting about cool remakes of our own childhood faves. The Fisher Price Classic Toys range brings back all the toys we loved as kids. Hands up who had one of those Classic Chatter Phones? βœ‹) If you want to steer clear of plastic and batteries, Le Toy Van has that nostalgic look too. If yours are true technology tots, often absorbed by TV or video games, try them out them with the wooden Kiko+ Camera. They can hang it around their necks with the awesome denim strap and rotate the lens to create colourful kaleidoscopes.

 little girl on Fisher Price Classic Chatter Phone

Fisher Price Classic Chatter Phone


Some products look unassuming, but once they get them out and start playing, it’s a whole different story. Take the kitpas Colours: they may look like your standard crayons, but they're anything but. Designed by an innovative Japanese company, they're totally non-toxic and water soluble too, meaning they can get creative all over the windows and you can wipe it off, super quickly, no problem. Second up for genius goodies is the Oribel Vertiplay. Great for if you're short on space, they stick to the wall, for sensory-fuelled entertainment.

Girl wiping Kitpas crayons off window

Kitpas Colours


For a slick Big Ticket idea - perhaps a group gift from family or classmates - look no further than a Muro Board Midi Pack. This awesome eco-wood playroom centrepiece will last them from baby days through to school age, its innovative modular design letting you rearrange and switch out the toys as they grow. It's the best kind of busy board going. If they're fans of the fast lane and have more toy cars than you'd think was possible, a waytoplay track is just what they need. Versatile in design, they can use it on their patio, on dining room table or even in the bath. (How cool is that?)

girl playing with Muro Board Midi Pack

Muro Board Midi Pack


Really want to make them all shout 'wow' in unison? Wobbel board is the perfect present with a difference. Suitable even from toddlerhood, this clever piece of kit is totally open-ended: it's a rocking chair is, a slide, it's a den, it's a bridge. Brilliant for sparking their imagination and helping them develop balance and strength too, it's a great big gift pick that siblings will really enjoy together.

boy on Wobbel Board

Wobbel Board

Still not sure what to get them? Come say hello to us on live-chat and we'll help you to curate a selection of special gifts they'll love. We're all about meeting new customers, learning about your kids and talking about our products. And we're a friendly bunch, promise! :-)