The plastic fantastic era is a thing of the past. Now we understand how polluting it is, there’s a global shift in buying and using earth-friendly alternatives, which still do the job. For kids products, this new wave of plastic-free materials also means we can say goodbye to nasty toxins and chemicals including BPA and phthalates. Safe for baby and kinder to the earth, we’ve picked our top five eco materials for little ones goods and there’s not a bit of plastic in sight. Now that’s fantastic.

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Eco-heroes Zuperzocial create products that respect our world in a smart and simple way. Choosing to use biodegradable, plant fibre materials over plastic, their range of kids’ dinnerware are environmentally-conscious, but durable too. Unlike some plastic-alternative products, their designs are long-lasting and even dishwasher-friendly too, that’s plant power at it’s best. Similarly, eco rascals uses bamboo for their creative dinnerware sets. Once it's seen better days, it can be buried in the ground - it’s a great non-plastic, no-waste option.


Hevea wants to leave its fingerprints on the world - in a good way. Their sustainable approach sees them utilising rubber to create its range of infants’ goods, from pacifiers to bath toys. By using natural rubber, rather than synthetic, which is made from oil, they increase the number of trees and cut back on the use of fossil fuels. Hevea offer an upcycling service for their pacifiers too, reducing waste and cleverly turning the rubber into something new. Sophie la giraffe’s pacifier is made from natural rubber too. It’s toxin-free, making it better for the world and better for babies too.


Nordic brand Liewood design stylish products for little ones, made with care and consideration for them and the environment. At the heart of the brand is a need for using fine materials that are long-lasting, high-quality and provide plastic-free solutions. Their durable stainless steel [water bottles]/categories/live/baby-feeding/water-bottles/5377) are perfect for the whole family to use, created to be long-lasting, easily washable and keep fluids at just the right temperature for hours. Teething brand Yummikeys create stainless steel teethers as safe, non-toxic alternatives to plastic. They are perfect for soothing gums, are easy to keep clean and also look like keys - because what kid doesn’t like those.


Hailing from Melbourne, husband and wife duo behind We Might Be Tiny design functional kids’ products that fit into modern lifestyles. Understanding other parents’ needs for products that are durable and simple to clean, they make cute silicone snack boxes and bibs, that withstand the mess and knocks of kids and can be quickly hand-washed or popped in the dishwasher as well. Hardy, flexible and derived from the earth, silicone is a great material to opt for when it comes to stuff for little ones. For babies, a silicone pacifier is a safer alternative to plastic.


Wood products last and it's the key reason why it's an ideal alternative to plastic. We love wooden toys for babies and kids because they don't break, plus they look great. For babies, a traditional wooden toy is a perfect pick for a gift. Made from natural beech wood, the rattle by Blossom & Bear is ideal for sensory play, but is safe for when they are teething too. Polished with organic coconut oil and beeswax balm, it looks great and is safe for them to chew.

Choosing to swap out some plastic in daily life helps towards sustaining our world for our children. If this guide has inspired you to make some changes, our Plastic-free Swaps shop has more curated goodies that we are sure you’ll love.

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