The plastic fantastic era is a thing of the past. Now we understand how polluting it is, there’s a global shift towards earth-friendly alternatives, that do the job just as well. For kids' products, going plastic-free also means waving goodbye to nasty toxins and chemicals, like BPA and phthalates. Safe for baby and kinder to the earth, we’ve picked our top five eco materials, with not a bit of plastic in sight. Now that’s fantastic.


eco rascals lifestyle

The fab thing about bamboo is that it grows so easily and with so little water plus, once it's seen better days, it can be buried in the ground. Small wonder it's now being used left, right and centre for clothes, toys, tablewear - you name it. eco rascals makes beautiful creative dinnerware sets from bamboo, in loads of inspiring animal shapes your kid will love. A new brand to KIDLY is Wild & Stone - they're bringing beautiful pastel-coloured bamboo toothbrushes to a bathroom near you. And check out aden + anais for sensationally soft blankets and swaddles made from bamboo viscose.


Hevea wants to leave its fingerprints on the world - in a good way. By using natural rubber, rather than synthetic (which is made from oil) they increase the number of trees and cut back on fossil fuel use. They also offer an upcycling service, reducing waste and cleverly turning the rubber into something new.

Sophie la girafe

Sophie la girafe is a classic rubber teether who's nearly 60 years old!

Sophie la giraffe, Oli & Carol and Natruba also make cute and characterful teethers and bath toys from natural rubber, in a wide and wonderful range of shapes and animals.


little girl with Liewood Anker watwr bottle

Nordic brand Liewood designs stylish products for little ones, made with care and consideration for them and the environment. Their durable stainless steel water bottles are perfect for the whole family to use, created to be long-lasting, easily washable and keep fluids at just the right temperature for hours. One Green Bottle and Blafre are also great brands to check out for bottles that'll become indispensible.


We Might Be Tiny Stickie Bowl

Hardy, flexible and derived from the earth, silicone is a great material to opt for when it comes to stuff for little ones. Hailing from Melbourne, the husband and wife team behind We Might Be Tiny designs functional kids’ products that fit into modern lifestyles. Understanding other parents’ needs for products that are durable and simple to clean, they make cute silicone snack boxes and bibs, that withstand the mess and knocks of kids and can be quickly hand-washed or popped in the dishwasher as well.


Wood lasts, which is it's the key reason why it's an ideal alternative to plastic. Brands like Grapat make amazing wooden play sets consisting of tactile pieces that encourage creative and divergent thinking. The different types of blocks and tubes can be used for building play, small world play, pretend telescopes, trees, buildings, cars …the possibilities are endless.

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Your child will enjoy a Grapat wooden play set for years - literally.

Or, for a younger shild, a rattle by Blossom & Bear is ideal for sensory play, but is safe for when they are teething too. Polished with organic coconut oil and beeswax balm, they look great and are safe for them to chew.

Choosing to swap out some plastic in daily life helps towards sustaining our world for our children. If this guide's inspired you to make some changes, our Plastic-free Swaps collection has more curated goodies that we're sure you’ll love. And remember, if you need any more guidance, our Live Chat Team are always here to help, 7am-11pm, every day. Just hit that purple button, bottom right.