Kids develop so fast and that makes choosing the right Christmas gift for them a bit 🤷. You want something they can’t wait to play with, but also something that won’t end up at the bottom of the toy box because they’ve mastered it in a week. Good news. We’ve pulled together our tips for picking the toys that last longer than the paper they’re wrapped in.

All the activities

Multi-activity toys are a great way to ensure that they get more than a few months out of something. The Classic World Multi-Activity Cube features loads of variety and, as the activities are at different heights, grows with their skills. Another great option is the Skip Hop 3 Stage Activity Centre. With 25 activities built in, it’s a bouncer when they’re small and changes up into an activity table when they're walking. Perfect!

Keep it open ended

The way that kids play and interact with open ended toys changes as they grow and develop, so there’s no getting bored. The Wobbel Board looks great in your home and has no rules. Use it for burning off energy as they practise their balance, or to interact with other toys, like cars and dolls. Grimm’s is another winner. Its multi coloured, unisex toys are perfect for building kids’ imaginations anywhere.

Always adjustable

We can’t get enough of toys with different heights and stages. It stops the worrying of if something is going to last, while reducing overall waste. Genius products like the TRYBIKE 4-in-1 go from three wheels to a balance bike. The Globber Evo 4-in-1 is similar but lets them get scooting at an early stage. Craft wise, the Janod Height Adjustable Easel has extendable legs so it grows as they do. Featuring a chalkboard and whiteboard, they'll struggle to get bored.

Another level

Keep them on their toes with with toys that have different difficulty levels built in and can be switched up as they grow. This SmartMax Three Little Pigs Game, has 48 challenges to suit different skill levels. You can also grab the Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood editions. Another good option is the Bilibo Moluk Game. With no instructions, kids design their own game. As they grow, make it a bit harder, or add in extra pieces.

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