There are wooden toys and then there are eco wood toys. These greener designs go a step further in being planet-friendly; we're talking about wood taken from renewable, well-managed forests or made from sawdust that would otherwise go to waste. And besides being good to the environment, these toys help kids gain lifelong skills while they play as well. Here’s our pick of the best sustainable, eco wood toys which keep little ones learning.


Made in Thailand with sustainable birch-plywood and repurposed rubber wood, which is often discarded as waste, the earth-friendly muro busy board encourages learning through play. Designed with input from psychologists, each muro is customisable, with toys that can be added, taken away and moved around. Every attachment from the peg slider to the bead maze is designed to entertain kids, while developing their fine motor skills at the same time.


Little busy bees can develop their balancing skills with the wobbel board. Made in Belgium from high-quality, bamboo and beechwood, this completely natural and sustainable piece of open-ended kit gets them up on their feet and building strength as they rock back and forth on the board. It's ideal for honing their creativity as well, letting them interpret the toy in other ways - from using it as a little bridge or step, to using it as a ramp for their toy cars. It's a versatile and long-lasting eco wood wonder.


Created by the Plan Toys brand, Planwood is an innovative, no-waste material they have invented, made from the leftover rubber wood sawdust in their factories, making this marble run is as eco-friendly as it gets. Perfect for preschoolers, it consists of four wobbly tracks angled on a central circular piece. When a marble is placed at the top, it meanders down the track to the bottom, click clacking as it goes. It's the ideal wooden toy for keeping them playing and developing their concentration at the same time.


tegu blocks are all made from FSC certified eco-friendly hardwood, with super sneaky hidden magnets inside. The brand have a reforestation programme, which sees them plant at least one tree for every tegu set sold. Made for creative building, tegu toys help with their dexterity, as they get to grips with stacking the blocks. The magnets mean they can focus on their constructions without worrying they'll come tumbling down as well. These are toys that really do good.


Created with sustainable rubber wood and decorated with only non-toxic paints, the Le Toy Van role play toys are just what little ones need for their first taste of pretend play, made for them, but made without harming the environment too. The popcorn machine is perfect for some play time during films at home. They can fill up the containers and hand out the popcorn to everyone enjoying the film with them, it's a great pick for developing kids' fine motor skills as well as their speech and social interaction skills.

Choosing eco wood toys helps the planet and it helps kids gain loads of new skills too. If this guide has inspired you to make some playtime investments, our Eco Wood shop has more curated goodies that we are sure you’ll love.


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