The living room is the hub of the home. A family room in the day, it’s all about playing, chilling and snoozing. By the evening (when they’ve finally gone to sleep) it’s back to being your space; a place to unwind, watch TV and grab a glass of wine. Here are our tips on creating a living room look that works any time of the day.

Keep it neutral

Create a comfortable co-living space by keeping the tones neutral. This doesn’t stop at the paintwork or soft furnishings. When choosing play gyms, swings or bouncers (all things that often end up in this room) think natural too. We love the pale wood on the Liewood Play Gym, as it’s minimal and stylish. Or the Olli Ella Reva Changing Basket is a great pick as a place for changing and playing.

Liewood wooden play gym

Accents & soft layers

Keeping things neutral means that you can play around when adding accessories. In addition to your couch cushions we love adding playful touches like this bold lion face cushion from OYOY. Also consider adding a pattern or print. This Avery Row
Cotton Knitted Blanket
is subtle and perfect for daytime rests. In fact, no living room is complete without a blanket or two. Perfect for snuggling under to watch a film, or for using as a playmat. Choose neutral colours that work with your furniture, so when they’re done with them in the day, you don’t mind having them slung on the back on the sofa or chair.

You and them

Mamatoyz Mini Bike

When it comes to your living room it’s ok choose things that work for you and them. Fun things that they can play with like this Olli Ella Holdie House in pale wood, looks good in any colour scheme and will grow with them. Likewise, this wooden Mamatoyz Mini Bike with a felt face, is stylish and fun.

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