Stale sarnies and warm yoghurt for lunch, anyone? No, we didn’t think so. We all like our food fresh and tasty. So, whether you're lovingly cooking up a takeaway banquet for a baby in the early stages of weaning, or you're hurriedly pulling together enough calories for a hungry preschooler, we can recommend some great kit to store it just right for when lunchtime rolls round. 👌


Small boxes with seal-tight lids are ideal for storing purees for lunch when they are nippers or yoghurts when they are bigger. Check out the tasty offerings from Rice and Mepal. This set of three by Done by Deer lets is perfect for keeping the sweet away from the savoury, or the yoghurt away from the sarnies. We love the space for labeling on the lid and the fact they all stow away one inside the other.

Done by Deer Snack Box 3 Pack Set

Done by Deer Snack Boxes can be labelled for every family member.


Lunch boxes that give them lots of compartments are great, because you can ring the changes with different tempting treats. Also, loads of kids hate getting different foods or flavours touching. A bento box by monbento or Zoku is a great pick. We also love Lassig's Lunchbox Stainless Steel from their Adventure collection. It has a flexible, removable divide that lets you change the proportions of the compartments . Plus the stainless steel is odourless and tasteless - so the only flavours your kid will enjoy are those of the tasty tuck you've prepared.

monbento snack box

monbento's fun bento boxes add extra flavour to lunchtime.


As a welcome alternative to a plastic water bottles, lots of modern brands now use stainless steel for the most durable bottles going. Great for babies or big kids alike, insulated models are great for keeping water cool or milk warm, whatever you're up to. If you want to keep the same bottle year on year, you can use a toddler sippy spout for weaning and then, once your toddler reaches reach school age, you simply swap the topper for a straw or open top. Lassig, Blafre, Liewood and One Green Bottle all have thrist-quenching options to browse.


A fork and spoon set in a travel container is perfect for popping in a lunch box or change bag and won't make a mess of your bag before you can wash them up. Zoku does a very cute Kids Pocket Utensil Set, but we've also used a make-up bag as our cutlery container when we've been pushed for time. #trueconfessions


The sustainable way to wrap their sarnies, or other snacks too, Haps Nordic's Sandwich, Smoothie and Snack Bags are a storage choice you can use again and again and again. (In fact you'll probably find yourself wanting to use them for your own lunch too.)

Haps Nordic's Snack Bags

Haps Nordic Snack Bags


For very particular eaters, a stainless steel food pot is brilliant for noshing on-the-go. From hearty mac’n’cheese to a fruit-loaded yoghurt, insulated designs keep hot food warm and cold food cold, so they're perfect for storing whatever's on the menu in Michelin-starred condition. Lassig and Liewood both do cute and sturdy-looking food jars and you can buy matching drinks flasks for both of them, which we love.

We hope that helps you choose what'll work for you when you're on the go. And remember, if you need any more guidance, our Live Chat Team are always here to help, 7am-11pm, every day. Just hit that purple button, bottom right.