Teething is one of those stages which everyone wishes they could avoid, but it is as we know, inevitable. While it can be tough for everyone involved, there’s loads of great products which makes the coming through process more bearable. Recognising there is so much on the market for teethers, we’ve curated our one-stop Teething Time shop to see them (and you!) through the whole stage. All non-toxic, built for longevity and a little bit different, here’s our 5 essentials for teethers, that they really need. It’s the stuff we love and we know you will too.


Signs of teething can begin long before any pearly whites are visible. For that pre-teeth stage, a stainless steel teether is great for rubbing on gums. The Yummikeys design is perfectly-shaped for tiny teethers and is durable and toxin-free too. The mini silicone beads provide added tactility that they’ll love to mouth. When the pain passes, it works as a fun sensory toy, that they will enjoy jingling around as well.


Once teething is in full swing, a flexible teether that has the front and back gums covered is the best investment. Matchstick Monkey is a unique design, with textured parts that they can get into all the right places, ideal for dispensing teething gel if their gums are cut and sore. Flexible with a fun design, the little monkey makes for a playful toy when they aren’t busy gnawing down on it.


When teething strikes, along comes a whole load of drool. To avoid soggy tops, an absorbent bib is the perfect accessory. Choosing one that mops up the mess but which looks good too is key for everyday wear, so the soft 100% organic cotton Andrea bibs by Liewood are ideal. Easy to wash and terry-backed to handle the drool, they are perfect for the teething stage but are useful for when it’s passed too.


No one likes being in pain, so you can understand why babies get out of sorts when teething is taking its toll. For those extra clingy days, pull on your armour in the form of a useful teething necklace. The silicone, beaded design by Lara & Ollie lets them cuddle in and have a chomp when their mouths are sore. Ideal as a fidget toy too, it’s the perfect thing for babies to play with when they are feeding, instead of poking around on your face. Guess what, they look cool too, so no need to worry if you forget to take it off when you are sans kids. Phew.


Once they start sprouting teeth, you’ve got another routine to master too: teeth brushing time. A simple finger brush is the perfect choice, because it gives you control over their oral health and gives their gums a little massage too. The JACK N' JILL design, made from flexible but durable medical-grade silicone, is safe for them and keeps your fingers protected if they go for a munch. Once it’s covered in drool, you can pop it in the steriliser for easy-cleaning.


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