Bags. Big ones, small ones, ones with reins, ones with pockets, ones that hold A4 folders and ones that don’t 🤯 Picking out a backpack for kiddies is just as much of a minefield as picking out a shiny new designer handbag. Whether they are getting ready for nursery, preschool or they are off to school full time, you will likely need a bag that you can fill with all of their stuff. Here’s our pick of the best bags to pack them off with...

Let’s carry you through it...

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If you are packing your tiny tot off to nursery or a childminder, it can be a real eye-opener when you gather all of the essentials they need to take with them. As well as a packed lunch bag, they are likely to need their own nappies, wipes and a crucial change of clothes. We love the roomy Sunnylife Unicorn Backpack that is big enough for all of their stuff, but magic enough for them. If they are toddling by themselves already, a bag that’s big for all of their kit with the addition of reins like the Babymel Mini Kids Backpack is perfect. It’s also great for weekends, when they want the independence to run off while you sneakily keep them close. Like the bag but not reins? Don’t worry, this rein is totally detachable. Awesome.


Between the ages of 2 and 3, many kids head off to preschool for the first time cue the tissues. As well as their nappy changing gear, spare pants if they are potty-trained and extra clothes, they’ll need a bag that is large enough for the bounty of art projects that they bring home. For preschoolers bags, it’s the little details that makes a good bag a great bag. We are talking about the adjustable shoulder and sternum straps, which ensure a secure fit, magnetic closures that little hands can figure out and easy to hold handles. We are crushin’ on the recycled plastic bags by Engel, colourful animal designs by Trixie and the Done by Deer backpack, designed to be easy for preschoolers to use they also stand out on pegs, so you can spot them at home time - a massive bonus, believe us.


They’ve graduated preschool and now is time for the next step. Starting between the ages of 4 and 5, your little people are now off to full time school - eek! Still rather little in the grand scheme of things, but your mini mes are now off for a whole day and with that comes a need for loads of bits and bobs, including lunch boxes and wellies for forest school sessions. A stylish bag is a necessity in their eyes, but you’ll recognise the need for one that is practical as well, from being big enough for an A4 folder to not getting saturated in the rain. We love the Blafre and Franck & Fischer designs for being water repellent, so they won’t be left with soggy contents after school runs in the rain. The 6 litre Blafre design also features visibility stripes for those darker days. Another great option for this age is the stylish Sebra bag, which has a magnetic closure, so they can get to their goodies without assistance. You’ll be pleased to know they all comfortably fit an A4 folder too, believe us, we’ve tried it.

So there we go guys, a definitive guide on what bags they’ll need from when they’re tiny to big school kids. We won’t tell if you decide to use the backpacks too... Honest 😉.