Ahhh, the ‘big’ Christmas present conundrum when you have a kid. It’s parenting problem #12 - true story! You want to give them a present that they’ll love, but also one that lasts and keeps them stay mentally focused. As a mum of 2 kids - aged 7 and 2 -there’s been a good few years of that big present planning. So here’s some tried and tested tips to help you along the way…

1. Buy for the future

Think ahead and buy something that will grow with them. It means that it’ll last way longer than January and won’t be that Christmas day one hit wonder. This Janod Green Market Grocery Stall which can be added to with lots of accessories as they get older is a great pick. Maybe all that standing and ‘selling’ will tire them out 🙄.

2. Stuff for family time

Top tip: buy something that fits in with what you like doing as a family. Whether you’re outdoorsy, or prefer weekend chillouts, choosing the right thing means you can get max use of it. Fans of the great outdoors? You can’t go wrong with this Chillafish Bunzi Balance Bike to get them in on all the outdoor action. Stay at home types? Embrace pretend play with this cool Plan Toys Green Dollhouse with Furniture. It’ll keep them busy for hours. Promise.

3. Pick stuff that physically fits into your home

We all love those huge presents, but before you buy, think logically. Make sure that you have space to house the darn thing all year round, because unlike that accidentally oversized Christmas tree, you can't chop the top off…

4. Don't suffer from 1 present guilt

It's really easy to feel guilty that you've only bought them one present, especially when you start seeing Instagram pictures from mates with stacks of presents around the tree. But there's no need to panic. Remember, they'll be getting lots of presents from other people too! And let's be honest, how many toys can they actually play with?

5. Suss out sharing stuff

As a mum of 2, I'm always looking at stuff that suits both of them and encourages Evie to share (ha!). Currently on the wishlist is this Janod Height Adjustable Easel. It's strong and big enough for two little artists to create fab artwork together (I bet they still argue over the chalk). Alternatively, embrace that family time by buying puzzles that the whole fam can be stuck into. We have an article about all the puzzles and games for different ages. Give it a read. You'll love it. Honest.

6. Collaborate ideas

Why is it that the grandparents always scupper your plans with the big gift, getting in there and buying it first? 😡. Stop the rage. If your kid is old enough, get them to write a letter to Santa and use this as a ‘wishlist' to share with family. Little one too young? Type up a list and email, Whatsapp and text it to the fam. There'll be no ‘oh I didn't know you were buying it,' excuses then. Ha.

7. Time it right

So, most big gifts require assembly. And if you don't have Santa's elves to hand, it can take a while. So stop the impatient Christmas morning tantrums and think ahead by setting it up the night before. Just make sure you have all the tools you need - and the wine - because you might just need it.

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