Shopping organically isn’t just about fruit and veg. The benefits of choosing organic apply to everything that's grown, including the cotton that makes so much of our clothing, toys and soft furnishings. An increasing number of brands are ditching harsh chemicals from their manufacturing processes. We’ve picked out five hero brands, whose ethos is built on it.


fabelab ls

Scandinavian, slow-fashion children’s brand Fabelab designs playful toys and quilted changing mats with a focus on comfort and softness. Organic production is at their heart: using only the finest, non-polluting materials, including certified cotton and non-toxic dyes.

wee gallery

Family-run business Wee Gallery may be small in size, but they are big in eco-conscious credentials. Designing cool kids’ products with their unmistakable graphic style in signature monochrome and muted colourways, they use only sustainably sourced materials and minimal, biodegradable packaging. Their muslins and sensory toys are perfect for newborns but you'll continue to be love them as your baby grows. All of their soft goods are certified organic by GOTS and are only ever stuffed with recycled polyfill.


ergopouch ls

Ergopouch is all about sleep. (Amen!) More specifically, designing safe sleepwear for babies and toddlers that keeps them comfortable and helps promote better snoozing. Key to their sleeping bags and swaddles is organic cotton and bamboo: not only because it’s natural, renewable and biodegradable, but because it’s proven that babies have less interrupted sleep when they sleep in natural fibres. Organic cotton is kinder to easily irritated baby skin too - just what you want from sleepwear they spend so much time in.


liewood ls

Slow living brand Liewood is set on creating products that will last for generations. Based in Copenhagen, their collection of stylish goods is rooted in Nordic design. From high-quality teddies to versatile soft storage solutions, all of their textile products are made by a GOTS certified supplier in India, thanks to the brand’s commitment to ethical manufacturing. Thoughtful, minimal details are applied to every product, so they appeal to little ones as much as their parents.


organic zoo

Organic Zoo is a company which really considers its impact on the world. Their small clothes have all gone through an eco-friendly production process and the factory workers making their apparel and the farmers who harvest the cotton they use are all paid a fair wage. Their non-toxic sleepsuits and playsuits are soft and kind to babies skin, so they’ll look cute and feel their best as well. Going a step further, the brand is also set on reducing waste, which is why you’ll only ever receive one of their products in fuss-free, simple packaging.

Buying organic helps sustain our world for our children. If this guide has inspired you to go organic, our Certified Organic shop has more curated goodies that we're sure you’ll love.

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