Woah. It’s been half a year since you became a parent. Where has that time gone? By now you’re probably starting to see a real little personality coming out and it seems as though they’re doing something different nearly everyday…

Here’s what you can expect to see in months 6-9 of your baby’s development. And, as always, some products that will help them along the way.

Let’s get social

At around 6-9 months months, your baby will really start to engage. In fact, anyone who talks to them will become their new BFF. They’ll love practicing learning how to use their voice so you may here a few coos, squeals and babbles. Playing games such as peek-a-boo and singing songs will become firm faves too. Encourage these skills by picking up some interactive and baby sensory toys that make music or shout out colours. It’s learning through play at its best.

Bathtime switch up

So, they’re probably sitting up by now, whether it’s totally on their own, or a little bit wobbly. And that brings a whole new ball game to bathtime. If they’ve been in a baby bath, it’s time to think about switching this up and putting them in a bath support like a bath seat. This gives them the independence they need, while keeping them safe. And with this new found independence comes playtime. If you haven’t already, invest in a good couple of baby bath toys that will keep them busy but also help grow skills such as tactile development and the beginnings of learning about cause and effect. Awesome.

Feed me (more)

Your 6-9 month old is growing quickly now and using their brains is hungry work. At this time you’ll probably find that their appetite grows and they’ll be needing three solid meals a day, as well as snacks. Easy when you’re at home, not so great if you’re out and about. Keep the food rage at bay by investing in a lunchbox that’s big enough to hold that food and snack pots too. Goodbye hangry baby!

Keep on moving

At around six to seven months, your baby is either already crawling or very close to it. And they’re probably sitting by this stage too. That means you’re going to need some baby play toys to help encourage their large and small motor skills while they move. Some great ideas are bright building blocks or an interactive baby sensory toy. Alternatively, a walker and entertainer that’s full of activities is a great toy that will grow with them as they begin to start cruising. At this point it's also a great idea to kit them out with a pair of prewalkers, which will help support them while they learn to walk. Alternatively, Go Baby Go have a range of non-slip socks and knee pads to help them grip as they learn to move.

Teething, teething and more teething

Yep, your baby’s probably still on the teething journey and you’ll find that you’re having to change their tops a few times a day thanks to all that dribbling. Save the washing pile by investing in an absorbent baby bib and don’t forget those teethers. Oli & Carol are perfect for this age range, offering brightly coloured unique and textured teethers that are great for tactile development too. Baby got their first tooth? It’s not too soon to start brushing them with a baby toothbrush. You can check out where to start with our hacks on getting them to brush their teeth.

Give me... storage

Gone are the days where they stayed put and played contently with one thing. Oh no, at this stage, they’ll want ALL the toys. That means a house covered in their stuff. Fine during the day, but let’s be honest, at night you probably don’t want to be stepping over light up lizards or wooden rattles. Investing in some good storage can help restore sanity when baby has gone to bed. Phew!

And a last little note…

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And one more thing before you go… We know every baby develops at a different pace and we’ve got that covered. If they’re doing more, head over to our buying guide for 9-12 months, or see our buying guide for 3-6 months if you don't feel they have quite reached this stage. Happy reading guys.