The first three months have probably whizzed by and you’re well on your way to parenting pro status. Whoop! And now it gets really interesting. Because over the next couple of months, you’ll see some big changes in their development. From giggling to weaning, this is going to be a fun packed time. Here’s what you can expect to see in terms of your 3-6 month old’s development and some products to help them at this stage.

Touchy feely - Your baby’s fine motor skills

They’re already reaching out, but by around four months they can grab and probably hold something for a while. Of course they aren’t pros, so stop the inevitable crying when they drop the toy by giving them a soft toy or rattle. Their grasping skills will continue to grow and by five months you may notice they are passing their toy from one hand to another. At around six months everything they touch will become exciting, from the texture of the carpet to scrunched up foil, so help this develop with a range of baby sensory toys. In a range of textures and in bright colours, these are great for baby’s tactile and visual skills too.

I’ll be seeing you - Your 3-6 month old’s sight

Their vision has really come on since those first few newborn fuzzy images. At around four months they’ll really start to love colour and different shades. Now’s a great time to bring out the brightly coloured baby books.
At around five to six months, they’ll start noticing the tiniest details – your earrings, the flowers on your shirt, the nose on their teddy… Get ready for staring central. They’ll also begin to try to reach out and grasp them. Help enhance their pincer skills here with learning toys, whether it’s a clutching toy or baby blocks, they’ll soon be grasping with their fingers.

Roll over, roll over

For some of us, the next big milestone after that first smile, is when they roll over. The age at which they first do this varies – some do it at three months, some wait until six or seven months. So it may happen at this stage, or it may not. Regardless, it’ll probably be when you least expect it, and when you’ve literally just nipped out of the room (yes, that happened to us #truth). Although you can’t force this milestone, you can help by giving them lots of playtime on a baby playmat and putting their fave toy by their side. This may encourage them to roll over and get it.

Hello teething!

Ahhh, the stuff of parenting woes. And it’s around the 4-6 months stage that your baby may start teething - although they may not get any until they’re a year. First signs will include gnawing their fist and frantically rubbing their gums in preparation for the trials to come. Red patches on their gums and drooling, are also sure fire signs that first tooth - usually a bottom front one - is probably on its way. Help soothe gums with a teether, or, grab some teething jewellery if they’re chomping at your necklace or bracelets. Our 11 tactics to tackle teething article may also give you a hand. #justsaying

Keep on moving

By five months your baby is probably a tummy time pro and over the next month you’ll notice that they’re able to arch their back while lying face down. This is a good exercise that can help them develop their neck muscles to eventually crawl, stand and walk. By six months, some babies are sitting up and moving on their bums. Encourage them to get moving with a toy that moves away as they touch it, or start the journey into strengthening their legs by grabbing a baby jumper, walker and entertainer. They’re great for buying you a little bit of peace and quiet too.

Time to munch - Weaning basics

Six months marks a big change in their lives… the transition into solid foods. And there’s going to be a lot you need for the first parts of weaning. Notably a good highchair. Not sure about which one to go for? We’ve got it covered with our article on picking the perfect highchair.
First weaning products will vary depending on whether you go down the puree or baby led weaning route. However you will definitely need baby weaning spoons, bowls and a good robust bib. You’ll also want to consider switching up their bottle to their first cup and beaker, but stick to water rather than juices at this stage… it means they won’t get full up on these and it’s better for those gums too.

Bye bye roomie

It’s likely that around about now, you might be thinking about transferring your baby from your bedroom to their nursery. Make it as snug as possible for them as well as you. Things that you should be considering aside from the obvious pieces of furniture are nightlights and room thermometers. Got a baby who needs a little bit of comforting? A cot toy may just help soothe them at night. May…

And a last little note…

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And one more thing before you go… We know every baby develops at a different pace and we’ve got that covered. If they’re doing more, head over to our buying guide for 6-9 months, or see our buying guide for 0-3 months if you don't feel they have quite reached this stage. Happy reading guys.