Your 3-4 year old has become an independent person, dressing themselves, playing on their own and going to pre-school. It’s crazy to think they were once tiny babies. And of course they’re still developing.

Here’s what your 3-4 year old will be doing and some products to help them develop at this stage.

But whhhhy?

By now your 3-4 year old is talking in proper sentences and has become aware of things around them. Eager to learn, they’ll be asking a lot of questions so get ready for the why’s. ‘Why is the sky blue?’, ‘Why is that stone shiny?’... You get the idea. It’s all part of their cognitive development. Embrace their inquisitiveness by introducing them to storybooks that teach them about the world around them and may just help answer those ‘why’s?’ They’ll probably still continue to ask lots of questions- usually when it’s bedtime - but hey, it’s all part of learning right?

It’s time to wake up… or not

At this age, your kid is probably in a toddler or single bed, meaning they’ll be free to run into your room whenever they want. Hello 5am starts! Not cool, not cool. You may also have some night time visitors as their active imaginations mean that they’ll begin to create stories of monsters under the beds. Save your sleep and sanity by buying a nightlight that emits a soft glow and keeps those ‘monsters’ at bay. Alternatively make it double duty and go for a sleep trainer clock. Perfect for kids who can’t tell the time, these have an easy to understand display that has a moon to show them it's sleep time and a sun when it's time to get up. Cool.

Prepping for pre-school

Wow, they’re off to pre-school. It's a big step and you're both bound to have a mix of excitement and nerves. We hear ya! We know the first day (and weeks) can be a bit of a rollercoaster. Although the emotions may be a little bit all over the place, make sure the prep isn’t. Invest in a kids’ bag that will hold all their pre-school kit such as a lunch box and change of clothes. If you're walking to pre-school bikes and scooters may save those moans of, ‘my legs are tired’. For more ways to prep them, and you, for this time, check out our 7 tips to prep for pre-school. It's handy. Honest.

Independent play

By now, your 3-4 year old has grasped the concept of imaginative and creative play. They’re also probably BFFs with that puzzle as their motor skills continue to develop. It’s around this time that they’ll probably start needing a little bit more stimulation, so step up their playtime. Give them games such as balancing and story games, that encourage thinking and continue to help develop their mobility skills. Or, ramp up their creativity with playsets that really get their imagination flowing.

My first playdate

Once they're into the full swing of pre-school, you may find them asking to have their new best friend over. Yep, they’re totally grown up now *sob. Playdates are not only good to keep them occupied, but also a great way to build up their social skills too. And don’t panic, there’s loads of ways to keep them entertained. Art and Crafts are a great option for quiet, creative fun when you've got two in tow. And it's good news. Dutch Brand Makii has really thought about crafting for lots of kids offering up a range of giant colouring in posters. Alternatively, roll out the dress-up products and let them have some creative play time. #yourewelcome.

Balance it up

Your 3-4 year old’s balance has really improved now and they’re hopping and skipping around. Fun times. Now’s the time to introduce them to a balance bike. These feature handlebars, a seat, but no pedals or chains. Designed to help little riders use their feet to propel themselves forwards and sideways while still on a saddle, they build steering skills and strengthen their body balance. Awesome.

The great kids’ bedroom switch up

With their personalities really coming through, now’s probably a good time to think about redecorating their room to give it a bit more of a grown up feel. Don’t panic, you won’t need to be grabbing those paintbrushes. Just pick some wall decor such as wall stickers or prints, and team with accessories like rugs. Simples.

And a last little note…

Article hit the spot? Good news. There’s more… We’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the best products for your 3-4 year old. You can find them by popping over to our Shop by Stage: 3-4 year old collection.

And one more thing before you go… We know every kid develops at a different pace and we’ve got that covered. If you don't feel they have quite reached this stage, head back to our buying guide for 2-3 year olds. Happy reading guys.