You’re now a parent to a 2-3 year old and they’re probably sleeping through the night - you can thank all that excess energy they have during the day for that! By this stage, they’ve very much become their own person, asking for things - whether that’s with words or pointing - and sharing their unique sense of humour. (Get ready for lots of random fits of giggles!) Here’s what you can expect to see, developmentally, with your 2-3-year-old, and some products that might be helpful.

I can cut it

By this age, their pincer and coordination skills have reached a point where they can pretty much hold anything. Their table manners have also moved on. It’s less about the fingers and more about the fork. Now’s the time to introduce them to ‘grown up’ cutlery. Just pick an ergonomic pair that can be mastered more easily. It’ll minimise their frustrations and, in turn, those tantrums.

Oxo Tot Fork and Spoon Set

Oxo Tot Fork and Spoon Set

Order of the day

They’ve started to grasp the concept of problem solving, as well as identifying different shapes, numbers and colours. Puzzles and games are a great way to enhance these cognitive abilities, while building up their mobility skills too. Alternatively, a kids’ book that’s targeted at teaching them their ABCs and numbers is a great choice for bedtime - or any time, really.

Abrams & Chronicle Books TouchThinkLearn: ABC

Abrams & Chronicle Books TouchThinkLearn: ABC

Carry on pretending

Their imaginations are continuing to develop and you may find that they’ll sit quite happily playing with a toy now. At this point it’s a great idea to introduce them to a wooden toy such as a car or wooden fruit and veg. Long lasting, they’re great for continuing pretend play and will withstand the throwing and bashing - yes, that can still happen for quite a lot longer. Once they hit the 2-and-a-half stage, you may also want to start introducing them to dress up. It’s a perfect way to stoke their imaginations, while teaching them about independent play.

Mimi & Lula Solar System Headdress

Mimi & Lula makes fabulous dress-up.

Bath time fun

They’ve by now nailed bath time and it's probably more of a struggle getting them out than in. So continue the learning journey while they wash with some bath toys for 2-3-year-olds. Green Toys do a range that's perfect for teaching about cause and effect and water flow. They also have wide-mouth openings for scoop-and-pour fun. (Psst...this also doubles as a sneaky utensil for washing their hair, if they’re not so keen.)

Green Toys Ocean Bound Tide Pool Set

Green Toys Ocean Bound Tide Pool Set

Potty training

Eeek, you've reached another big milestone in your kids’ life. Potty training! Fun times. Each toddler is different, and in most cases it’s best to be led by them as to when they start. Most common signs include them telling you when they’ve done a poo or wee and/or or showing interest in the toilet. You can read more about when to start with our Problem Solving Potty Training Tips & Products. Get prepared for the big adventure with our range of potty training products. From training pants to ergonomic and portable models, there’s something for every one.

Liewood Jonathan potty

Liewood Jonathan potty with matching Ulla step stool.


By now you’re probably well on your way to understanding why people call this period the ‘terrible twos’. Tantrums over anything? Yep, we hear ya. But, there’s a good explanation for this. Your toddler’s cognitive skills are growing each day, but they may not yet have the verbal skills to express themselves. It’s normal, don’t worry. Help them on the road to expressing their thoughts and emotions more fully with story books that teach them about feelings. Ok, they may not grasp the finer points right at the beginning, but they'll help them in due course.

Abrams & Chronicle Books Feelings

Abrams & Chronicle Books - Feelings

And a last little note…

And one more thing, before you go. Remember, it's not a race and every child develops at at their own pace. Don't worry if you don't feel they've quite reached this stage yet. They will do, in their own good time! If you need any more guidance, our Live Chat Team are always here to help, 7am-11pm, every day. Just hit that purple button, bottom right.