Your toddler’s hurtling towards the two year old stage now. Where did that time go? They definitely can’t be described as a baby anymore! And as they grow, they continue to develop, running, throwing and erm, maybe having the odd tantrum too. It’s normal don’t worry!

Here’s what you can expect to see in their 18-24 month development and some products to help.

Puzzle me this

Your toddler’s now beginning to learn about how things work and has probably nailed that shape sorting toy. Now’s the time to step it up and really get their cognitive skills working with a puzzle. These are great at this stage for keeping them busy and helping to further develop both their thinking and motor skills. You may have to help them at first, but once they grasp it, they’ll be pushing you away to show you they can do it all by themselves. Aren’t we all independent!

Pretend play

As their cognitive skills grow, they’ll also start to identify more with the world around them. The lady with the yellow umbrella will be a fascination to them, they’ll bark at a dog or want to change their teddy’s nappy (yep, we know, we’re currently right in the middle of this stage). This is the time to introduce them to pretend play. Whether it’s a wooden play kitchen with some veg, or a tool trolley, these are great for getting your toddler’s creativity moving. These types of toys are also great for getting them to play with other kids too. Get ready to start drinking pretend tea and eating wooden biscuits. The things we do for our kids…

Let me do it… your independent toddler

Ahhh, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… it’s the time that your toddler has decided to be independent. Well, they’ll try to be anyway. Because although their head is telling them they can do it, their motor skills aren’t quite there yet. This is may be where the odd tantrum or two will start. Fear not, there are some sneaky ways around it. Toddler want to dress themselves? Invest in some easy to pull on clothes such as leggings or joggers. They’ll at least be able to get one foot in. Shoe brand TOMS also make a range of slip on shoes to help with this new found independence, while ankle length boots and wellies are a good trick as they’re easy to get on. They may just stop those tantrums in their tracks. Maybe…

Run with me

They’ve moved on quickly from those first steps. By now they're running and trying to climb things from stairs to their toy box. Footballs aren’t safe either, with your toddler now learning how to kick and throw. With their new found skills and foot development, now’s the time to start thinking about a new pair of shoes that will support this. That’s where Bobux shoes come into play. Its l-Walks range has been specifically designed for when they move from the baby to toddler stage and are walking confidently. This range therefore supports the changes that happen in the shape of the foot at this stage to enable healthy foot development. Cool huh?

Bye bye buggy

At this stage you may also find that they no longer want to get into the pram and don’t want to hold your hand either 🙄. This is where a kids’ bag with reins could save your life. Simple to wear, the single detachable strap keeps them independent, while you keep them safe. We love the range by Babymel, which come in cool prints that they’ll love. Kid get tired when you’re out and about? Bikes and scooters could save your arms. Just pick one that’s right for their age and watch them go.

Carry on crafting

As your toddler’s skills continue to grow, you’ll find that those simple pencil lines are now becoming scribbles. At this point their pincer skills have also developed enough to enable them to pick up stickers and place them onto a page. They’ll also be able to identify different colours of paints. Keep enhancing these skills by building up their arts and crafts collection. Don’t fancy that mess that comes with crafting? Take a peek at our mess-free crafting article for some handy tips. Yep, we’re so good to you.

Read to me

Your toddler’s moved on from those soft cloth books now and their imaginations are raring to go with tales of, well anything. However, at this stage you may find they’ll be turning pages rather than listening to the story. And if your toddler is anything like ours, they’ll also rip them too. Stop them in their tracks and keep them entertained with a block book from our story book range. Full of bright colours to stimulate their visual skills and with basic words to help their vocabulary, these are great pick for your 18-24 month old.

And a last little note…

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And one more thing before you go… We know every toddler develops at a different pace and we’ve got that covered. If they’re doing more, head over to our buying guide for 2-3 year olds, or see our buying guide for 9-12 months if you don't feel they have quite reached this stage. Happy reading guys.