Your ‘baby’ is now officially a toddler, with their very own strong personality. And this is where the fun starts. Get ready for lots of giggles, as they start to do things that really make you laugh, deliberately and not-so-deliberately. Of course, they’re continuing to develop in every area. From how they interact with you and the rest of the world, to their incredible energy levels. Caffeine at the ready…

Walk on by

If they haven’t already started walking, the 12-18 month stage will mark the first time your toddler takes their first steps. They’ve probably already had their first pair of prewalkers, so now’s the time to move on to their first shoes. We all know that you’ll want a pair that are comfortable and support the first stage of their walking development - Bobux is great for cool styles for that first pair of kicks.


Bobux covers all stages from prewalkers to preschool shoes.

Let’s get crafty

With your toddler’s grasping and pincer skills developing every month, you’ll probably find that between 12-18 months, they’ll be able to roughly hold a pencil or paint brush. Now’s the time to keep them occupied and get their creativity moving with some arts and crafts. Of course, it’ll just start with a few scribbles or a splosh of paint, but as they continue to grow over the next few months, you’ll start seeing a lot more expression in their work. A word of warning. If your child is anything like ours, they’ll probably try and eat the paint too - so choose one that’s safe. Micador have a whole range of toddler-friendly paints and crayons and kitpas is always a popular brand for its eco creds and clever formulations.

kitpas Bath Set With Sponge

kitpas Bath Set With Sponge

Motor on into imaginative play

Their motor skills are improving by the day now and every hour is a mini brain workout for them. Enhance this by giving them learning toys that will really stretch their minds. We’re not talking crosswords, but sorting toys are great for this and they’re fun too. At this point their imaginations are also beginning to form. They may not be making up stories just yet, but if you give them a toy car, they’ll whizz it across the floor… it’s all part of learning!

Best Years Wooden Teaching Clock Puzzle

Best Years Wooden Teaching Clock Puzzle

Let’s go outside

By now, your toddler won’t be doing much sitting still and they’re constantly looking for new challenges. If they’re walking, it’s the time to introduce them to their first ride on and get them out in the fresh air. It’ll tire them out, help develop their balancing and coordination skill and you can start telling them more about their surroundings. (Get ready for lots of songs about the weather and nature!) Raining cats and dogs? You don’t have to stay indoors. Just get kitted up with the right outerwear - take a peek at our article on wet weather gear explained for the lowdown on what you really need.

GOSOAKY Unisex Cape

GOSOAKY Unisex Cape

Back to work

It may be around this time that you decide to go back to work. *Sob. And that means taking your toddler to nursery or a childminder. This is a great time for them to learn skills around sharing and being sociable. Make sure they’re as comfy and prepped as possible for their days away from the familiarity of home with a lunch box that’s big enough to hold snacks and a drink. Dress them in comfy clothes that let them move about with ease and that can withstand lots more wear and tear. KIDLY Label is a toning capsule wardrobe designed with comfort, great looks and durability in mind.

KIDLY label


Help! My toddler’s fussy with food

With minds of their own now, you may find your toddler is turning their nose up at certain foods. The joy 🤣. At times, it’s easy just to let them win the battle. But that doesn't mean you can't win the war. Be crafty and learn about the art of disguising vegetables or try distracting them with a new toddler bowl or plate. Pick a bright colour and make a fuss of this, or, choose a bowl with a fun animal print and make up a story about the character. It works. We’ve done it!

OYOY Tableware Set

OYOY Tableware Set

And a last little note…

One more thing before you go. Remember, it's not a race and every child develops at at their own pace. And remember, if you need any more guidance, our Live Chat Team are always here to help, 7am-11pm, every day. Just hit that purple button, bottom right.