There is nothing like Christmas morning excitement is there. And while you may be most excited about the grub, there's no doubt the kids will be most interested in what presents await them. We're talking about those big gifts that don't fit under the tree, because well, they're too big. If they haven't directed you into what you buy, we've chosen our favourite from our big and exciting Christmas shop. Conundrum solved.


Christmas morning, arguably the most exciting morning of the whole year and the only time you may excuse a 5am wake up call. When it comes to gifts for kids, big presents matter. Pick out a showstopper toy that is going to get squeals of delight when they come down the stairs. We're fans of toys that inspire pretend play because they open up endless play opportunities and will still be adored as they grow. The Ice Cream Shop by Jabadabado is a little bit different from classic play kitchens, but great for using with pretend food they may already have. If they prefer to play outside rather than indoors, a Scoot & Ride scooter makes for a stand out gift. The integrated LEDs means they'll be lighting up the place as they whizz around.


Think ahead and buy something that will grow with them. It means that it will last way longer than January and won’t be that Christmas day one hit wonder. This Wishbone Wagon will see them through endless adventures, year after year. Use it to pull them along or let them open the floor-flap, for some Flintsone-style racing. Don't tell them we told you, but you can use it to transport gear during camping trips and beach days as well! For mini imaginators, the Classic World Happy Villa offers plenty of play opportunities as they grow. Change up the decor, add new furniture pieces and maybe even new dolls will move in. An eco-friendly design, it includes 25 accessories and is plenty big enough for siblings to enjoy it together.


Top tip: buy something that fits in with what you like doing as a family. Whether you’re outdoorsy, or prefer weekend chillouts, choosing the right thing means you can get max use of it. Fans of the great outdoors? You can’t go wrong with this TRYBIKE, it's ideal for family ride-outs or using in the garden. Made from steel, it's sturdy and stylish too, available in six colours, you can pick their fave. Stay at home types? The Jabadabado sets make passing time at home so much fun. Build up the train tracks, connect them t the garage and then embrace pretend play. It'll keep them and you busy for hours. Promise.


Timeless toys that they will love for years and then generations after them too make great big gift ideas. Pick something that is built to last and has a classic design that won't go out of style. Plan Toys are a fail-safe brand for gifts big and small. The beautiful, sustainable wood rocking horse by Moulin Roty would make for a gorgeous heirloom toy. For kids who love role playing, the handcrafted Strolley by Olli Ella is a cool convertible, working as either a shopping trolley or stroller for their dolly. In white or neutral tones, with a classic shape, it is sure to still appeal to your children's children's children. That's what we cool a keepsake!


For parents of multiple children, the big present could be one to share, which is a genius idea if you are strapped for space. One of our bestsellers every year for it's sibling-sharing capabilities is the Janod Easel. It's strong and double-sided, so two little artists can get creating at the same time. Height adjustable, it can grow as they do too. That's what we call value for money. Alternatively, classic kapla blocks are great for sharing. For building on a big sale, pick the 280 piece set for construction fun that the whole family can enjoy. Work together to make a huge tower or have a competition to make the best landmark. Nothing like some healthy competition...

Like this? There’s more. Check out our full selection of present ideas in our Christmas gift shop.

Still not sure what to get them? Pop us a message on live chat, we're here every day from 7am-11pm and we will happily help you suss out the best big gift ever.