Buying something splashy for kids is fun but can be daunting. Perhaps it's for Christmas, perhaps it's a joint birthday present - or maybe you're a first-time grandparent and you just can't help yourself - but here's some inspo from our Big Gifts collection.


A dolls house, like a kitchen, is a toy that can be added to year-by-year and might well end up staying in pride of place in their room well into adolescence! We have beautiful diddy dwellings from Little Dutch, Olli Ella, Tender Leaf Toys and Plan Toys. They range in price from £70 - £300 and most are made entirely from sustainable wood. You can add to them with play furniture too.

Plan Toys Victorian Dolls House

Plan Toys Victorian Dolls House: 'A roomy, properly old-fashioned doll house that siblings or friends will get lost in for hours.' Cat, Buyer


Created by two German dads who were worried about kids losing the love of storytelling, Tonies are all about screen-free spoken word and audio fun. Collect the cute hand-painted Tonies figures - sturdy play pieces that magnetically attach to the Toniebox - that trigger a different story or spoken adventure every time. By swapping figures kids can quickly jump in between audiobooks, music or interactive audio games.

alt text

Tonies: ‘An amazing story-telling box - squeeze an ear to change volume, tap the sides to switch chapters and tilt to fast-forward or rewind!’ Rosanna, Buyer


A train set is a real investment piece you can all enjoy playing with and that your child is going to treasure for years to come. Depending on how much floor space (and cash!) you have available, Le Toy Van, Jabadabado and Tender Leaf Toys make lovely wooden options, that range from £50 to £250.

Le Toy Van Royal Express Train Set

Le Toy Van Royal Express Train Set: 'A train set will fire their imaginations and keep them happily occupied for hours (weeks!) on end.' Helene, Buyer


We do a big range of play kitchens, so you'll defintiely find something to fit the decor of their bedroom or playroom or living room - depending on where it'll be 'installed'. A kitchen gives them a whole world to make believe in and is the kind of big ticket gift that you can build on year by year with other kitchen accessories - coffee machines, toasters etc. Pair it with some play food for even more brownie points. (Then ask them to make you some play brownies!)

Home Kitchen

Tender Leaf Toys Home Kitchen:'"It’s the perfect size for Winnie to have in her bedroom. She got stuck into role play straight away, chopping the bread and putting it in the oven." Laura, mum

FOR THRILLS: A Ride-On or Balance Bike

Wheels always make for a prestige pressie and we have something for every age range. For twos-and-unders, a ride-on can give them lots of confidence and the fun of taking their toys for a spin round the living room or garden.

Janod Panda Ride-on

Janod Panda Ride-on: "Pandas aren't known for being very active animals - but we think this one's going to turn out to be pretty busy!" Rosanna, Buyer

By the time they're getting to pre-school age, they're probably ready for a balance bike. These clever pedal-free two wheelers help kids develop the core strength and sense of balance they'll need for bike-riding without you having to fiddle around fitting and removing stabilisers or spending back-breaking hours holding them up in the park!

Banwood Balance Bike

Banwood's Balance Bike has a cute basket that scores it extra points from us.

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