Making travel memories with your kids is priceless, but getting well-armed with boredom-busters for the waiting and queuing is critical. As we all know packing light is nigh on impossible with a family, we’ve picked our top travel toys that are space-saving too. So you don’t need a Mary Poppins bag to bring 'em along for the ride.


KIDLY Label's award-winning twosome should be at the top of any packing checklist if you're heading anywhere near the beach. It's the most portable bucket ever: designed to hold lots, but it folds down to just 5 cm tall. With a light but sturdy and easy-to-hold deep-scooped spade, it's a brilliant piece of kit for holidays that's also a hit at home in the garden, park or toy box.

KIDLY Label Foldaway Bucket & Spade

The amazing KIDLY Label Foldaway Bucket & Spade folds down to just 5cm tall!


Crayons and paper have been the fall-back to ban boredom since I was a kid - and some things never change. Colouring-in books can help them really focus but are best for older kids, or Super Petit's reusable placemats that can be coloured in, wiped, then used again are genius.

The Jam Tart's The Animal Alphabet Colouring Book

Colouring books and pens are a timless fall-back for entertainment on the go.


If they fancy themselves as a traveling photojournalist, and can’t get enough of your camera, treat them to one of their own. Janod's Wooden Sound Camera makes a snapshot sound when the button is pushed - they'll think it's the real thing! The viewfinder and front lens are also made from a non-breakable glass so that when the camera inevitably drops, it won't shatter.

Janod camera

Janod's Wooden Sound Camera is a perfect pick for fun on their travels.


Tonies might not be tiny but they are very robust and portable and can keep kids entertained for hours in the car or otherwse in transit. If they're part of your bedtime routine, it's handy to take those same toys with you. Because kids are completely in control of the playlist, they're happier for longer, we always find. And if you think you'll go mad if you listen to the Gruffalo one more time - kit them out with their own headphones too.


Tonies let kids be in control of their own entertainment.


Say hey to the ultimate flexi Frisbee by Scrunch that you can literally fold and pop in your pocket or suitcase. Waiting for grub in a pub garden or outdoor venue? No worries. Initiate a quick game of catch. It's a toy that takes up no more space than your wallet: in fact, we'd say it's a crucial as your wallet.

Scrunch Collapsible Frisbee

Scrunch Collapsible Frisbee


It's no surprise Janod's Magnetibooks are one of our best-selling items, year in and year out. They're just the right size for taking in the car, on trips, or to nanny's house and there's a whole range of games and puzzles to choose from. The sturdy board box has a magnetic lid that flips up into a playing surface and all the pieces can be packed away nice and easily. Educational, fun and practical. Bonus points all round!


Magnetibooks are great because all those bits & pieces can be tidily stowed away.


We're also a big fan of easy and timeless diversions like memory games and dominoes when we travel, because they pack up small, anyone can join in and the games can last for as little or as long as you like. Plus turn-taking and learning to be a good loser are excellent life skills to learn - and that applies to adults as well as kids!

So there you have it, some handy boredom-busters that won't take up too much space but might keep you from going loco on vacay! And remember, if you need any more guidance, our Live Chat Team are always here to help, 7am-11pm, every day. Just hit that purple button, bottom right.